Who says it’s tough to go gluten-free? With Pamela’s Products, you’ll never feel deprived!
Pamela’s has a wide variety of gluten-free baked & baking goods and this week,
one lucky winner will receive a big ol’ bag of vegan, gluten-free goodies from them!
Here’s what you will win:

– Ginger Cookies with Sliced Almonds
– Chocolate Cake Mix
– Vanilla Frosting
– Bread Mix
– A bag, a spatula and measuring spoon set

In addition, Pamela’s Products is promoting their recipe contest all summer long! Check out
all of the contest rules on their website to enter and hopefully win their 2010 recipe competition!

*Not all Pamela’s products are vegan but they have a comprehensive list of products and ingredients on their website. We only chose from their vegan product line for our giveaway ; )

How to enter our gluten-free giveaway:
Leave a comment telling us why you need gluten-free goodies.
Be sure to leave your email as well so that I may contact the winner. Winners will be chosen next Monday, June 28th by random.org.
Good luck!!


  1. So excited!!!! I truly am the worst baker in the world. My boyfriend begged me to make him cookies, so I bought one of those pre-made rolls from the grocery store which is cheating, I know, but being vegan, he wont eat my kind of cookies. So, I cut them out and attempted to bake them, and yes, I burnt them. I was truly, truly embarrassed. I kind of wanted to impress him, show him I could bake for him…..and I messed up. So, the chance to make a healthy cookie, cake and muffin? Plus, utensils…..that I didnt have to borrow? Pls, add me to your list! My boyfriend will love you forever!

  2. What a sweet giveaway! (Pun intended.)
    Both of my grandparents are type-two diabetics and I would love to for them to have these healthy goodies as a surprise! 😀

  3. I love to cook with Pamela’s Products! I use the baking mix at least a few times a week, and the brownie mix… well, let’s just say my non-GF friends always ask me to make the brownies for parties. Now I am getting ready to move for grad school… not only am I broke as a joke, but I don’t have any of my normal baking supplies. Please help me enjoy the GF goodness that is Pamela’s Products!

  4. My almost 7 year old and myself are not only gluten free but casein and soy free as well and being free of all 3 of those things makes it very difficult to find tastey foods we can eat without me having to prepare everything from scratch. I tell you the Pamela’s Chocolate cake and frosting are the best, so good infact even my non gluten,casein and soy free family members are now requesting me to make them cupcakes at all the family gatherings. I think it is awesome that my family and neighbors prefer our “Safe Cupcakes” over store bought ones.

    Ironically, June 28th, is my son’s 7th birthday so this would be an awesome gift to him to know that we won and I will again be making more Cupcakes to share with our family!

  5. I am the mother to 7 wonderful blessings, two of which have celiacs. My fantastic 5 year old suffered with terrible itchy skin and was chronically ill until we took all wheat from his diet when he was 2. He’s now a happy healthy boy whose favorite thing is to see how high he can jump on the trampoline. My silly little clown, who is 3, also has celicas but doesn’t have the terrible skin issues, he has tummy troubles. He was taken off of wheat around 1 1/2 years of age. These two boys are best of buds and accept their food limits with little to any fuss. I keep baked goods on hand, Pamela’s cupcakes are pre made and put in the freezer to take along to parties. We use the confetti icing in small batches to ice them as needed! Another favorite of theirs are spiced cookies 🙂

  6. I am currently pregnant with my second child. I learned early on that I could not eat wheat. Everytime I would eat it, I would get sick. Overall I feel much better when I follow a GF diet. I love Pamela’s Bread Mix. It makes such great toast.

  7. This is such an awesome giveaway! I need gluten free goodies because I recently found out that I have a gluten intolerance. Starting in January, I started having weird symptoms. First, I developed something akin to trigger finger in one pinkie finger, which after a few days “spread” to the other pinkie. Then I started to develop numbness in my hands, and then feet, and then arms and legs. It was extremely scary, and there were days that I couldn’t even walk because the numbness was so extreme! My husband would have to carry me up the stairs because I couldn’t climb them myself (meanwhile, I have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old to care for)! I saw every specialist in the book, had 3 MRI’s, CT scans, X-rays, EKG’s, about 4-million dollars in bloodwork – you name it, I had it! Still EVERYTHING came up negative! Finally I ended up seeing a naturopathic doctor, and had some testing done, revealing that I was sensitive to gluten! I have since completely removed it from my diet, and after only about 6 weeks, I feel so much better and the symptoms have almost completely disappeared! It’s hard to believe that a food can cause that much agony! Since going gf, I have tried so many different products, but Pamela’s are awesome! I would LOVE to win the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!! Her products make you actually forget that you can’t eat gluten!!!

  8. I am the mother to 5 kids, the 2 youngest are autistic, identical twin, 4 1/2 yr old boys. I started them Gf a few months ago along with myself and 85% of the meals I make the rest of my family is also GF. Pamelas flours has become a household staple. Everyone loves everything I make w/ Pam’s. =) I could really really use some “free” goodies because ever since we’ve gone GF/organic/additive free/dye free/preservative free…our grocery bill has doubled. My twins won’t touch reg meal stuff I make, (ie: veggie dishes, gf pastas, etc) so its a constant hit and miss w/ gf packaged foods. Having asd twins, one kid in college, and 2 teenagers is very hard on our one income….plus twins are still in diapers. 🙁 Here’s hoping I get drawn…. 🙂

  9. I eat gluten free because I have fibromyalgia. I can be medication and pain free when I’m not eating gluten. I’m a picky eater and pamelas products taste great. Even my 7 year old likes them.

  10. I need gluten free goodies because I have fibromyalgia and gluten foods are a trigger for my pains. I can be medication and pain free when I’m not eating gluten. I’m a picky eater and pamelas products taste great and are easy to make. Even my 7 year old likes them.

  11. I went g-free about six months ago for health reasons and have never felt better. I found Pamela’s Products when I was at a Whole Foods and was seriously craving chocolate chip cookies. Pamela’s has seriously been a life saver for me, I have yet to try all of the mixes and other goodies but the wide range of offerings definitely makes being g-free so much easier (and tastier)! Being g-free is not a restrictive diet that’s cost effective but it certainly does benefit my health, to many outsiders it’s a “diet” but those on the inside of the struggle of any type of a gluten sensitivity or allergy understand that it’s a way of life and I’m glad that I found Pamela’s Products to be a part of that way of life for me!

  12. Having always had digestive difficulties since I was a child, I have learned to continually watch what I eat and be mindful to incorporate healthy foods in my diet. Pamela’s products are fantastic for me!

  13. i would really love these gluten free vegan goodies because where I live in Utah doesn’t have many gluten free and vegan products to choose from. i just turned vegan and was recently was diagnosed with celiacs disease and have not had an good yummy treats in a while!

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