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probioraWe can all agree that dental health and hygiene are incredibly important for overall health. We brush, floss, go to the dentist and do all we can to keep our mouths healthy.After all, a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth because your mouth is the gateway to your health. But despite all we do to take care of our oral health, it’s common to still have issues like cavities or swollen/bleeding gums, which are caused by bad bacteria in the mouth. But did you know that there is another way we can keep on smiling healthily from the inside out?

Yep, with ProBiora Health™You’ve heard about probiotics for your gut. Now there is a unique probiotic mint, called ProBiora™Plus that helps by restoring the naturally occurring good bacteria in the mouth. Oral probiotics are live bacteria that are identical to the beneficial microorganisms found naturally in your mouth.

Did you know, the same bad bacteria found in your mouth is also found in the arterial plaque in heart disease. In fact, oral care issues have been linked to not only heart disease but to diabetes, cancer and other conditions.

I absolutely love ProBioraPlus as it’s so convenient and just enhances my already clean living routine. I have to say I have definitely noticed a difference in my “fresh breath” and I have no idea how I lived without it all this time! No more fuzzy teeth after a long day, no more yuck mouth after eating, my gums feel super healthy and my teeth look whiter! It tastes great, is super simple and convenient to have on hand and works like a charm.

Dissolved once a day in the mouth, ProBiora™Plus adds millions of good bacteria that drive out the bad bacteria, leading to a better balance of bacteria in the mouth and driving out the bacteria that cause gum disease, tooth decay and less-than-fresh breath. Results can include: fresher breath, whiter teeth and an overall healthier mouth.

Ok so how does ProBiora Plus work?

What ProBioraPlus does is flood the mouth with naturally occurring good bacteria.  These beneficial bacteria compete for nutrients and geography. The bad bacteria do not coexist well with ProBioraPlus in the gums and on the teeth and therefore with daily reinforcement ProBiora wins the territory game, crowding out the bad bacteria. Our daily habits like eating spicy food, drinking soda and wine or smoking can reduce the good bacteria in our mouths. The addition of oral probiotics to an oral care regimen can restore the natural balance of beneficial bacteria, which can be depleted by diet, stress, medication, illness or other factors.

A healthy mouth impacts more than just teeth and gums – recent research indicates it can have long-term effects on overall health as well.

So, are you ready to fast track your way to healthy, fresh and kissable breath? Be sure to order your bottle today!

*There are no known interactions between ProBioraPlus and medications. In fact, it is wise to use ProBioraPlus during and after a course of antibiotics, which can disrupt the bacterial balance in the mouth. As with use for any medication, it is suggested that you check with your Doctor/Dentist or Pharmacist for more information.

**Source: Mayo Clinic: Oral health: A window to your overall health – https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/in-depth/dental/art-20047475


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