sweet toothOne of the hardest parts of a diet regime, is turning down the opportunity to enjoy a dessert at the end of your meal.

If you are on a paleo diet for instance, it can be pretty hard to show some restraint when it is dessert time, but a visit to blog.paleohacks.com/paleo-desserts might help you to find a solution that keeps you on track but allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Here is a look at some dessert ideas that will taste great and even sweeter, when you see that they are not undoing all of your hard work on the diet.

Simple but tasty protein pudding

The chia protein pudding recipe works on several levels.

It is a dessert that only needs four ingredients to make, which means it is simple to put together, plus it is gluten free and packed with protein.

All you have to do is blend your protein powder, with a fresh banana, chia seeds and some almond milk. To make this high-protein dessert in double-quick time, you will need 1 ripe banana, a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds, 2 tablespoons of protein powder and about ¾ of a cup of almond milk.

Once you have combined the ingredients, put it in the fridge for at least three hours, then enjoy a tasty treat without having any guilty feelings as you take each mouthful.

Satisfy your chocolate craving

The mere mention of cookie dough for some of us will start to make your mouth water in anticipation, thankfully, for those on a diet, you can make some chocolate chip cookie dough protein bites, that give you your chocolate fix without throwing your diet off track.

You can find a number of similar recipes to try, all of which should allow you to experience the pleasure of eating a cookie dough treat, without the sort of calorie numbers that wouldn’t look good on your diet sheet.

Who can resist a cookie?

It is definitely possible to enjoy a cookie that still allows you to stick to your nutritional goals as well.

Look up a recipe for high protein oatmeal cookies and you will soon see that it is not that difficult to create some delicious cookies that are packed with cranberries, raisins, nuts and of course, chocolate chips.

This is a sweet treat that will deliver a great taste and satisfy your cravings, but will only cost you about 140 calories per serving.

Yes you can have cheesecake

It would not be unreasonable to think that being on a diet would preclude you from enjoying such an indulgent treat as cheesecake, but there are recipes around that even allow you enjoy a cheesecake that even has chocolate too, but still manages to score under 130 calories.

It is not a difficult recipe to follow, with just a few ingredients. You will need some light cream cheese, a low-fat Greek yoghurt, which can be flavored if you prefer, egg whites and a small amount of flour. After you have added up the calorific content of these ingredients, you can still afford to add some chocolate chips to create a really indulgent and creamy cheesecake that defies logic, with the low amount of calories it possesses.

Dark chocolate banana bread for a healthy sweet treat

The joy of biting through a fudgy banana bread is further enhanced when you realize that this indulgent treat has not damaged your diet goals.

The secret behind this recipe is that you are able to hold back on the fat without having to sacrifice that chewy moistness that makes banana bread so hard to resist.

Two whole cups of mashed banana is how this neat trick is achieved and you would definitely think that this is a recipe that breaks all of your diet rules when you taste it, but it does not have the fat and sugar that you would easily believe it must contain, in order to taste so good.

These are just of the potential sweet treats that you can enjoy without any of the usual guilt attached to doing something that feels off-limits when it comes to sticking to a diet.

Other ideas to consider include grapefruit meringue nests with mixed berries and bold berry granita, which manages to address any ice-cream cravings that you might have, with a very enjoyable and fat-free alternative.

When you look at the recipes available, you will quickly see that you can satisfy your sweet tooth without going rogue on your diet plans.

Poppy Armstrong has always struggled with her weight and it has taken her years to finally find success with a diet she can stick to. She shares her weight loss journey online and shares her tips and tricks to help others.

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