nurse mentorWhen thinking about your future career while considering colleges or universities, you likely have the overall demand for a particular position in mind. Or maybe you’re thinking of making a career change. Either way, know that you should think about going into nursing, a field that offers multiple possibilities. Learn why nursing always seems to be in demand in the U.S. and how it offers something for everyone.

There Are More Long-Term Patients

Members of the baby boomer generation are aging, and they need qualified healthcare professionals to help take great care of them. Qualified nurses are a vital part of that need, and you could be the perfect one to help fill that role.

A Number of Specialties Exist

One of the most important things you should know about nursing is the field offers a number of specialties. You can work in administration, work on the road as a travel nurse or become an anesthetist. Or perhaps you like the idea of being a flight nurse who provides care to patients while transporting them in a helicopter or plane. Trauma nursing and psychiatric nursing are also options that may appeal to you. Imagine starting your nursing career off in one specialty and switching to another. How many other industries can you do that in?

Older Nurses Are Retiring

Just like baby boomers are aging, the same is true of baby boomers working as nurses looking to retire in the coming years. New nurses will be needed to fill in the gaps left behind by those leaving the industry, and you could be one of them. These openings may make it easier for you to land a job. Working with companies like Assist Healthcare can better ensure you’re placed in a city in which you want to work. Best of all is the fact that the service is provided for free.

There’s a Shortage of Physicians

Besides a lack of nurses, there’s also a lack of physicians to take proper care of patients. Nursing jobs are being elevated, which means it’s not unusual for nurses to diagnose illnesses or sign death certificates. There are even times when a nurse may write a patient a prescription for medication. This all boils down to the fact that there aren’t as many doctors as there should be to take care of patients. If you choose to become a nurse, there’s a chance you could carry out duties that were once reserved just for doctors.

Programs Can Be Completed in Six Months to Two Years

Not all nursing programs require the usual four years of study at a university. Specifically, you can complete a Licensed Practical Nurse program in anywhere from six months to two years, depending on your academic background and the school you choose to attend.Additionally, today you can find endless nursing degree programs and specialties online where you can go at your own pace. Besides taking less time, you can also kick your career off sooner and start making an income.

The Pay’s Not So Bad

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, LPNs earned a reported median income of about $45,000 in 2017. That same year, registered nurses earned a median income of $70,000. If you like, you can start off as an LPN before pursuing the education necessary to become a registered nurse and earn a higher income.

One thing to take note of when it comes to pay is the fact that where you work makes a difference in what you can expect to make. For instance, nurses who work in the government or for hospitals usually make more than nurses employed in schools and residential care facilities.

You’ll Enjoy Job Security

The thing you have to keep in mind along with the job outlook for the nursing profession is that you can enjoy better job security when there’s a job demand. This means you don’t have to worry as much about coming into work and being suddenly laid off without warning. If you’ve been unexpectedly laid off or fired before, then you know all too well the panic it can incite. Nursing provides you with a measure of economic and mental stability, which certainly can’t be said of every profession. Even if you have to accept a job offer at a location that isn’t your first choice, you’ll at least have a job and a paycheck to tide you over until you find something better.

Do some additional research on your own to see if there’s a nursing specialty and program that seems as if it would be a great fit for you. Becoming a nurse could be a career that’s more rewarding than you can imagine.

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