de-stress tipsAre you going through a tough time at the moment, or just feel life catching up with you? Thankfully there are lots of effective, inexpensive and all- natural ways you can relax and promote wellbeing. Here are five examples. 


Massage is so good for body and mind. It eases knots and tight muscles promoting relaxation, and causes the release of endorphins (the brain’s ‘happy chemicals’) into the body. You could go to a spa, ask a partner to help or even practice self massage on the limbs, head, face and feet. Massage ‘shawls’ can be placed over the shoulders and ease knots in the back and shoulders without the need for help from anyone else and are well worth the investment. Many of us carry tension without realising, massage helps us to release this tension promoting a clearer mind and a more relaxed body.


Life can be busy and chaotic at times, do you ever feel like you just don’t get a minutes peace? By making time for meditation, you make time for calm. Sitting in silence, even if it’s just for a few minutes enables you to be ‘in the moment.’ You can focus on your breathing, clear your mind of troubles, anxieties and the million things on your to-do list and just relax. It’s free, easy and accessible, all you need is a comfortable chair or your bed. You could simply sit or lie down taking some deep breaths and clearing your mind, or you could listen to a meditation app or Youtube video to guide you. 

Herbal remedies

There are excellent medicines for those struggling with mental health disorders this day in age, and if you have anxiety, depression or other disorder it’s important to see your GP so they can ensure you’re getting the help you need. However, if your stress is more of a short term thing or you want to try some natural remedies first there are plenty on the market. Shop cannabis online to find CBD products, these are safe and legal and have been shown to be effective in promoting relaxation. Fragrances like lavender can be soothing and relaxing, try pillow sprays and bath oils to help you wind down in the evening.


Exercise doesn’t have to be all about running in the rain before work and slogging it out in a sweaty gym. It can be going for a refreshing swim, practicing yoga, going on long walks with your dog or cycling with your family. Find something you enjoy doing, it will benefit your body as well as your mind, promoting wellbeing and giving the body a hit of endorphins. 


Too many people see sleep as a luxury and not a priority, constantly functioning on a few hours a night. Not only will this affect your day to day mood and performance, it will affect both your physical and mental health long term. Shift your priorities, re-adjust your schedule and start making the time to sleep for up to eight hours a night. Within a few weeks, you’ll be amazed by how much better you feel. 

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