Esala Perahera healthy voyager kandyTraveling the world and living according to your principles can be hard at times. It seems that there are certain trade-offs that need to be made when you give up your day job and hit the road. 

While this is true, there are areas of life in which you do have some level of control. Your diet is certainly one of these. Being a vegan traveler in this world is possible, and it’s getting easier as the years roll on. 

You’ll find that many places you go will have delicious vegan cuisine, but we’ve got some tips for times when you’re hard-pressed to find anything without an animal product. 

Tips for Being a Vegan Traveler

Our hope is to give you a few tips that stick in the back of your mind when you’re struggling to find a vegan meal. Let’s begin:

1. Travel to Primarily Vegan Countries

The first thing you can do is go to places where the culture supports vegan diets. India is a prime example of such a place. 

You’ll have an easier time finding a vegan meal than a non-vegan meal there. Many Buddhist countries will serve you well in your travels. 

2. Plan Ahead

Carry around a small store of non-perishable vegan foods whenever you leave your post. Sometimes you’re parched and famished while traveling, and coming upon a restaurant or store without vegan options in those moments could cause you to slip and eat meat. 

Having a nutritious supply of snacks on-hand will allow you to get nutrition in those moments and move along.

3. Call Ahead

Before you even step off the plane, you can prepare by calling grocery stores or restaurants in advance. This may seem tedious or impossible, especially if you’re going to be roaming around a fair amount. 

If you’re going to be stationed in one or two primary places, though, you can definitely ensure that you’ll be well fed.

4. Bring Vegan Condiments

Many times, street vendors or restaurants will garnish vegan meals with sauces containing animal products. This is especially true in South East Asia where fish sauce is common.

Having a bottle of soy sauce or whatever you prefer can help in these instances. 

5. Know How to Ask

If you’re not yet familiar with the language, be sure to get acquainted with asking about vegan foods. Make sure you’re clear with speaking those words as well, as the thick accent you’re sure to have will be difficult to understand.

You can try creative exercises to learn these words. Try creating and downloading a free bingo card with the words you’re learning and play the come to solidify those terms.

6. Get Insight From Fellow Travelers

There are a number of online vegan groups, many of which deal specifically with travelers. 

You can use sites like MeetUp or other sites specific to the country that will help you find like-minded individuals.

7. Explore Foods

Traveling gives you an excellent opportunity to try out new and exciting vegan foods. Just because your options are limited doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot of room to roam. 

You’re going to be in new places, keep an open mind and try what you can!

8. Get Familiar with Common Ingredients

Reading through ingredient lists doesn’t do you much good if you’re not sure what the ingredients are. Do some research before you arrive and find out what the most commonly used ingredients of the area are.

That way you can ask for restaurants to hold those ingredients and be more confident in the grocery aisle. 

9. Ask Your Hotel or Hostel

Your lodging will often provide meals. Many places won’t think to offer a vegan option if veganism isn’t common in the area. 

Call ahead and ask if special accommodations can be made for your stay. It seems like a lot to ask, but it’s a small thing to do for a greatly improved visit.

Want to Learn More?

Being a vegan traveler is definitely doable. All that you need to do is a little research. 

Explore our site for more ideas on staying healthy and living the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

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