PCOSDefinitely, avoiding sex so that you can avoid UTIs is not an option. Sex can be a double-edged sword. You can derive so much happiness from it but you can also come out with a urinary tract infection if you are not careful. However, it does not have to be that way, not when you do the following eight things that have been tested and proven to prevent UTIs associated with sex.

Drink A Lot Of Water

The best holistic healing starts from the inside. Thus, if you have been having problems with UTIs or you would like to prevent the occurrence of the same, drink a lot of water.

In case you start wondering what connection there is between drinking water and UTI prevention, well, it can make you urinate more frequently. Every time that you pee, you get an opportunity to flush out any bacteria lurking in the urinary tract.

It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, perhaps more if you can. Drinking water is good for your holistic health such as well-functioning of your brain, relieve headaches caused by dehydration, maintaining the balance of body fluids, energizing muscles, keeping healthy and glowing skin and most importantly keeping your kidneys working fine. So, drinking water is not only for the prevention of UTIs associated with sex.

Clean The Nether Regions Before And After Sex

Hygiene should always be a top importance before and after having sex. One of the reasons why urinary tract infections happen is that bacteria from the anal region get into the vagina. Here, they find a good, moist and food-rich environment to thrive. This is why you should clean the anal area and the rest of your private parts carefully before sex. That way, there will be no bacteria lurking around waiting to pounce on your cookie.

The trick is to know how to clean the genital area. Not all the lotions, soaps and detergents that you see on the store shelves are good. Avoid using chemicals. Just warm water and mild soap should do the job for you. You can use baby soap for the safe cleaning of your genital area.

Clean The Rectum Anytime You Use The Toilet

Unfortunately, toilet paper may not be the best for this job as it cannot remove all of the fecal matter in your rectum. It is best to use water.

While you may not be able to clean your rectum with water all the time, do it at least once a day or when preparing to have sex. This is going to prevent the fecal matter from spreading to your genitals. Bacteria feed on fecal matter, so getting rid of their food by staying clean discourages a bacterial infestation.

Peeing Before And After Sex

The reason why you ought to pee before sex is so that you can wash out any bacteria lurking in the urinary tract. Semen and vaginal fluids make a good environment for the bad and the good bacteria. You should also urinate immediately after sex so that any bacteria introduced to your urinary tract during sex can be washed out. In case you don’t feel like peeing after sex, drink a couple of glasses of water after sex and you can soon feel the need. If you want to prevent UTIs after sex, peeing before are after is a great option.

Sheath It Up

It is best to use condoms to prevent the transmission of UTI bacteria when having sex for the first time with a person you just met. Condoms are also a good way to prevent UTIs associated with sex even if you have a long-term partner, but you have been having a problem with UTIs. Use lubricated condoms because they will not rub against the vaginal tissues. It is also best that you avoid lubricants and flavored condoms because these additives are made with artificial sugars that are good food for bacteria. You need to rethink your current birth control formula as well. Any spermicide, diaphragm- lubricated can in fact get you UTI as these substances can greatly contribute to the growth of bacteria. You can simply switch to any water-based lubricant in case you are having vaginal dryness.

Avoid Various Feminine Products

Some are so many feminine products that can just harm the process of preventing UTIs associated with sex. You should skip scented powders, deodorant sprays, douches and other products with chemicals and fragrances.

Dress For Prevention

Doctors recommend using cotton underwear and give up the thong. The goal is to allow woman’s vaginal region to stay deterrent to bacterial growth and stay dry. That’s why breathable fabrics and loose-fitting clothes are recommended by experts. At least, make sure you don’t wear anything like skin-tight jeans. 

Cranbury Supplements

Researchers have found various benefits of cranberry. And a substance found in cranberries is believed to help prevent bacteria from disappear from the urinary tract. While how effective it can be is not explained by the researches done on this, you can always try something like this as it is completely natural. Many patients got benefits from cranberry juices and other cranberry supplements available in the market and also online.  Why not give it a try?


It’s imperative that you give your initial infection enough importance and treat it quickly enough to avoid it becomes so painful for yourself. Following the above-mentioned tips at the early stage can solve the problem.

Before your Urinary Tract Infection gets a serious problem, you must consult a doctor for advice. There are so many effective medicines available these days that can solve UTI within quick time frame. Doctors recommend daily UTI prevention pill that you can find online and in regular drug stores around. After seeing the initial symptoms, doctors may recommend antibiotic treatment. If your UTI is found to be mainly associated with sex, your doctor may recommend a single dose of antibiotic after sex.

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