healthy collegeHealth can be an interesting sector to go into. You could learn a range of things about how the human body works and mental health amongst other things. You may have always had an interest in health, or perhaps it’s something that you’ve recently developed. Nevertheless, there are ways that you can transform your interest into something tangible whether it be a career as a surgeon or a hobby that allows you to indulge in your passion.

In case you need some inspiration or a few ideas, you should continue reading. Here are 7 ways to showcase your interest and passion for health.

Start a Health Blog

If you find that you’re always researching and looking for new information and you have writing skills, starting a health blog could be a good idea. Seeing as there are many out there already, you’d need to think about what you can do to make yours different from the rest.

To choose a niche for your blog, choose something that you’ll be happy to write hundreds of posts about. If you intend to make money from your blog, then you need to do market research to make sure there’s an interest in the topic and you’ll have readers. You’ll also want to see if you’ve got competitors and how you’ll have an advantage over them.

Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer is another thing that you can do with your interest in health. This is probably most ideal for people who find pleasure in setting fitness goals, working out and motivating others as well. In order to become a personal trainer, you’ll need to be good at motivating people and helping them see the results that they desire. You will also need to get certified in the exercises you want to teach.

Regarding how long it takes to become a personal trainer, it depends on which route you decide to take. There are certifications that you could get in as little as a day while there are others that could take years.

Become a Registered Nurse

For those who have always loved the idea of looking after people and helping restore them back to health, becoming a registered nurse may be a rewarding profession. It’s an opportunity to do so in a medical setting and the possibilities are endless when it comes to career progression.  Nursing recruitment agencies like Day Webster can also help ensure that you find the most suitable placement. The first step you’ll need to take would be getting the correct education. In case you’re asking what exactly that is, it depends on your final destination.

Ideally, to become a registered nurse, you’d need to complete an accredited nurse program. In addition to this, taking and passing the NCLEX-RN would be the next logical step. The final step would be to obtain a state license. Once done, you can look for employment. If you want to go down the nurse educator route, however, getting a masters in nurse education online is worth considering.

Massage Therapist

In case you don’t already know, massage therapists help to treat people by using touch to manipulate both their muscles and soft tissues. This may be ideal for anyone that’s experiencing pain and looking for relief. The belief is that touch helps heal injuries, improve circulation as well as aid wellness.

This would be a perfect career path if reading this sparked your interest and you want to help people through the use of touch. To become a massage therapist, you’ll need first to complete a massage therapy program. Once you’ve done this, pass the licensing examination and acquire any state licenses that you might need. The last step would be to complete a certification.

Start a Business

Some people are born with an entrepreneurial spirit and if that’s you, perhaps consider starting a business with your passion for health. There are hundreds of business ideas out there that you could choose from.

For starters, why not explore the idea of developing a healthcare app if you happen to be rather tech-savvy? If you’re a big dreamer and have a passion for people struggling with addiction, you could also try opening a rehabilitation center. Aside from these, there are other options like medical supply sales or home healthcare services.


Medical researchers are the reason that you experience many of the medical advancements that are present in this very day and age. Having said that, if you find that you’re curious and have strong research skills, why not use your interest in healthcare to contribute new and exciting research and findings? You’ll likely need a Ph.D. amongst other qualifications depending on what you’ll be specializing in.

If you are wondering how you can pay for college, there are many federal aid options with more flexible repayments than private loans do. Aside from this, you should also negotiate financial aid rewards as colleges might be willing to increase a financial aid package based on a change in income or special circumstances.

If you’ve already done a basic degree and need funding for Ph.D., see if you can win funding or apply through an employer.


Becoming a physician is another prospective career path that is worth taking for health enthusiasts. Your daily work would consist of providing preventative care, treating, and diagnosing a range of illnesses. You should know that there are two main types of physicians which are medical doctors and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. While both diagnose and treat patients for different medical issues, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine can specialize in preventative medicine and as well as holistic patient care.

To become a physician, you’re going to need to get excellent grades in an undergraduate degree and then take the Medical College Admission Test. To get into one of the top 11 medical schools, you’ll need a median MCAT score of at least 508, you’ll need to conduct thorough MCAT prep. The last phase would be to go on to do a residency program and then choose your niche.

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