Improve Your Physical AppearanceThe way we look today is affected by two primary factors: time and attitude. Time is constant, and it brings along change. Attitude is our behavior towards ourselves and everything that’s around us. Our physical appearance can suffer if we ignore time and have a total disregard on how we care for our bodies. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate our carelessness and improve our looks.

Smile Often

Smiling improves our mood and positively affects others. It takes only a few muscles to smile which lessens the chances of forming wrinkles. How do you achieve a great smile? It all starts with taking care of your teeth.

Good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist will give you clean teeth, fresh breath, and a healthy mouth. Smiling would come easy and natural for you because you’re confident to flash your pearly whites. Being unmindful of this will result in weak teeth and gums. Imagine being on your dream Turkish tour. You take in the sights while enjoying a warm kebab. Next thing you know, you’re in a clinic in Istanbul because of a front tooth broke. You wouldn’t want to cut short your dream tour due to a missing tooth and possibly swollen gums, right? Always visit a dentist regularly to keep your smile looking great.

Know the Right Food for You

A visit to your registered dietitian will help improve your physical appearance in so many ways. Here’s a couple of them:

  • Weight Management – a dietitian will help determine what food is right for you and how much intake you need. Depending on your goal, your diet plan can either make you gain weight or shed excess pounds. Maintaining proper weight won’t only make you look better but also prevent weight-related illnesses.
  • Youthful Glow – sometimes, all it takes to improve our physical appearance is to have healthy, glowing skin. A proper diet plan will maximize the amount of nutrients that your body receives. This helps in cell creation and repair. Healthy cells mean a better looking you.

Be Active

Aside from being mindful of our food intake, another way to improve our physical appearance is through proper and consistent training. Common exercise categories are:

  • Cardio – any exercise that increases your heart rate and causes you to breathe more falls under this category. It’s great for the heart and lowers the risk of any heart-related ailments.
  • Weights – also referred to as strength training. This form of exercise lets you develop proper muscle groups. The more muscles you have in the right places, the better it would be for your body to burn calories, which is essential when you want to hit your desired weight.
  • Core – core exercises help you establish your center of gravity. Exercising our core gives us better control and minimizes our chances of losing balance.
  • Stretch – stretching aids in keeping your body flexible and agile. This prevents a lot of potential injuries as we age and helps in improving blood circulation as well.

Proper exercise will also train your body to improve your posture. Having a good posture enhances your overall look while preventing muscle and joint strains.

Be Trendy

Probably the simplest way to improve our appearance is to change style from time to time. Throw out your decades-old look for a fresher, newer ensemble. Don’t be afraid to try a new haircut. Mix and match clothes with accessories to create new various looks. Don’t settle for monotones. Spice up your look with bold colors or lighten the mood with pastel shades. Most of all, wear your fashion proudly!

Rest Well

Getting the right amount of sleep daily prevents you from looking haggard and tired. 7 to 9 hours of sleep gives you the right amount of energy for the day and psychologically provides an overall positive feeling. It lessens dark circles around your eyes and makes you perky and alert. Throw in a few minutes of relaxation at set intervals to recharge yourself and keep you looking fresh


These tips will help you improve your appearance if done the right way. The most important thing to remember is that it all starts with how you feel about yourself. Make sure that you’re wholeheartedly choosing to improve. All your efforts will be worth it if you look and feel good.


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