oahu healthy voyagerThe most important thing to think about when your health is at stake is how much you want to invest in it. Your health might have served you well without any special effort for many years, but at some point, it can’t go on without you giving it a helping hand.

Remember that your current lifestyle is only a result of your own previous choices, and if you caught some unhealthy habits on the way, there is always another path to take. All you have to do is want to change in order to take a leap for a healthy lifestyle that leads to a long and prosperous life, and here are five steps that will lead you to it. Once you can truly say all of these things, then you know you’ve done a good job.

“I separated myself from my bad habits“

Smoking, consuming junk food and binge-watching Netflix are just some of the unhealthy habits you need to say goodbye to if you really wish to take charge of your health. Trying to dispose of a habit doesn’t mean you should stop doing all of these things forever, especially if you really enjoy them. The key is to ignore the call for junk food most times you feel an urge for a slice of pizza, but you can reward yourself with a slice or two every once in a while. Creating such a proportion in your life where bad habits are reduced to a minimum will get you to a healthy lifestyle faster than trying to stay perfectly loyal to a life free of bad habits.

“I am not a slave to my thoughts”

Besides behavioral bad habits, you can also develop a habit of thinking in a certain way. So, if you tried quitting smoking one too many times, you’ve probably developed a habit of thinking how you can’t ever succeed in it. However, once you discover most of “I can’t do this” situations are a result of learned helplessness, you can find ways to get over them. The only reason you are a slave to your bad habits is that you allow yourself to be one.

“I know the importance of sleep”

Research gathered from millions of Fitbit users shows that an average adult person sleeps fewer hours than necessary, and chances are you are one of them. This research also shows that people don’t take sleeping as a serious health-related issue, which is why one of the first steps to a healthier lifestyle is realizing the importance of sleep. During sleep, your body recovers from everyday stress and exhaustion, and during REM sleep, your mind gathers daily information and sorts it out so that you can learn and remember what’s important, and store away what’s not. If you wish to find out how much sleep per night you need based on the time you go to bed, you can consult a sleep calculator and start taking sleep really seriously.

“I go for preventive checkups”

It’s needless to say that prevention is the key to treating autoimmune diseases (especially cancer), but it’s less popular to do preventive checkups for less severe and more easily treatable diseases. However, you should keep in mind that every disease, even when successfully treated, leaves a mark on your immune system and makes it harder for you to defend against other mayhems. The important part of taking prevention as a step to a healthier life is finding a group of expert doctors you can trust, such as Dr Timothy Steel and his team at St Vincent’s hospital. Any health issue can be treated more easily and with fewer consequences, if caught on time.

“I am a physically active person”

It’s important to note the difference between the sentences “I am physically active” and “I am a physically active person”. The key word here is “person”, which accounts for a change in identity. Once you start looking at yourself as a person who does something healthy, you will want to continue doing it and create more healthy habits, because this is what a healthy person does.

Don’t make a mistake by creating a strict exercise schedule to follow, because missing one session or working out while tired can have consequences. If you become a slave to your own habits, you actually won’t be doing any better than you used to. Do what you feel like doing, and don’t look down on yourself for wanting to miss a gym session. One less exercise session doesn’t make you an unhealthy person. Remember this alongside everything else you’ve read so far, and you will surely stick to the right path on your way to taking charge of your health.

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