yehliu park taiwan healthy voyagerEat your veggies, get enough sleep – the rules of staying healthy seem to be pretty simple. Many people, however, are still unaware of the multiple lifestyle improvements that could contribute to longer and happier existence.

You don’t need to introduce dramatic changes in order to boost your health. Starting with a few simple steps can give you spectacular outcomes within a relatively short period of time.

Move around More

You don’t need to go to the gym to get your body moving.

If you simply get in the habit of using the stairs instead of the elevator, you’ll be increasing your daily level of physical activity significantly.

The same applies to using the car or public transportation for telecommuting. Whenever your destination is a block away, you can simply go there instead of driving.

So many common types of exercise exist – just find the one that appeals to you and makes you feel happy. If you’re enjoying the activity, chances are that you’ll stick with it in the long run.

Get Out of the City More Often

Spending time in nature is a good thing for everybody– you relax, you overcome the daily stress, you slow down and you breathe some fresh air. Even when some people have illness which requires the use of an oxygen concentrator, there is a solution for this – a portable version that you can take wherever you go. The Inogen One G3 used is an affordable option of the portable oxygen concentrator that allows you to enjoy nature and fresh air.

The health benefits of spending time in nature go beyond the fresh and clean air. Studies show that hikes in the mountain improve concentration, reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, regulate the blood pressure and increase vitamin D levels.

You don’t need to choose the most challenging natural activity – a simple picnic will often do. Even if you opt for a leisurely day by the lake, you’ll still be moving a lot more than in the case of staying in your apartment.

Decompress in the End of the Day

Chronic stress is a killer.

People who are subjected to chronic stress are more prone to cardiovascular problems, obesity, sexual health problems, diabetes and even certain types of cancer.

Most people today have a busy and dynamic work schedule. Trying to juggle numerous responsibilities at once contributes to a lot of stress that will eventually result in medical conditions.

You should definitely find a way to decompress and get rid of stress in the end of the busy day. A walk in the park, a meditation session, painting a picture or spending quality time with your kids could all help you unwind and recuperate.

It’s very important to find the work-life balance and to stick to the schedule that works for you.

Find Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

Good sleep is much needed to recover from the previous day and to prepare your body for yet another exciting 24 hours of existence.

Studies show that most people don’t get enough sleep and that the quality of the sleep they get is not high enough.

There are several things you can do to enhance sleep quality. Make sure that the bedroom is completely dark and free from electronics. Ensure an optimal temperature, at you can find blankets that can help your body cool – being in a room that’s too hot isn’t conductive of good sleep. Avoid caffeine in the hours before going to bed. Finally, try to come up with a schedule that allows you to go to bed at the same hour every single day.

Enjoy the Little Things in Life

In their attempts to lead a healthier life, many people will go to extremes.

They opt for healthy foods and avoid carbs for dear life. They don’t indulge in little pleasures like a glass of wine or a sedentary day at home while having a movie marathon.

It’s ok to give yourself a treat every now and then. Excessive restriction can contribute to problems, some of them quite serious. Everything can be enjoyed in moderation – that’s what a healthy lifestyle is all about.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy your life while pursuing the healthiest options out there. If you want to eat a piece of cake – do it! If you want to sleep in, you should definitely take it slow during the respective day. You’ll be back to your regular dynamic and healthy schedule the next day.

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