Where to find vegan and gluten free food and restaurants in Berlin, GermanyThere’s plenty of great walking to be had in Germany: the soaring Alps, the picturesque Nuremberg old town, and the bustling metropolis of Berlin, just to name a few. Luckily, there are also plenty of hearty, regional delicacies to help fuel your hikes.

It’s the classic example of a symbiotic relationship. You find the best places to eat when you’re walking around. Food always tastes better after an active day. Think of it as a convenient bonus that you also get to experience the sweeping vistas, deep history, and vibrant street culture of the country. Here are a few examples of places you could go to really experience the delicious diversity of German cuisine.

1. Nuremberg

It might not be the first stop in most modern people’s tour schedule, but Nuremberg was the place to be in the 1490s. The old portion of the city is still well preserved, dominated by a castle up on the hill overlooking the river. Skip the funicular: walk up the old streets and stairs, walk around the castle grounds — and then pick up a brew in the old city you climb back down.

2. Munich

Moving on towards the Alps from Nuremberg, you’ll come to Munich, the Bavarian capital city. It’s obviously a great place for day trips into the mountains, but there’s plenty to see right downtown. Work up an appetite with a museum tour, and then cap off your night with a long session at one of the famous beer and food halls.

3. Dresden

Who doesn’t love fruitcake? Well, famously, a lot of people don’t like it that much. Don’t think of Dresden stollen as the typical, oft-scorned holiday gifts — they’re fresh, flavorful, and satisfying. If you’re looking for the best version, simply get up early and follow your nose to a bakery. Throw a few of these in your pack before you tackle the Elbe Sandstone Mountain trails — they taste even better out in the open air. There’s a lot more than just these major cities, so check out the infographic for the full list of best food stops the German nation has to offer!

4. Berlin

Berlin may not be the friendliest city in the world, but it’s certainly one of the tastiest. Don’t be fooled by the businesslike rush of the daytime or the frenetic after-hours parties — this city knows how to relax with a good meal. There’s world-class fine dining and excellent foreign cuisine, but where Berlin really shines is in its abundant, decent fast food. Grab a quick bite after working up an appetite dancing at the clubs. It’s going to be some of the best falafel, kebab or currywurst you’ll ever have.

Getting Around

There are two main ways to get around Germany quickly and easily: rail and road. The official public transit network is reliable from most outside perspectives — although some locals might disagree with you on the grounds that busses and trains occasionally arrive a few minutes late. Renting a car is a great option too, and it often shakes out to be the same general cost, or cheaper, than railway transit. Make sure you choose the option that gives you the freedom you want to explore the country.

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