2013 Healthy Voyager's Healthy, Vegan and Green Holiday Gift Guide

It’s here again, the busiest shopping season of the year!
It’s crept up on us yet again so we’ve
done our best to put together a fabulous one-stop-shop
for everyone on your list!
From green to vegan to everything in between,
kids, adults and fur babies are covered…
and so are you!

So with no further a due, here our The Healthy Voyager’s holiday gift picks for 2013!

(To give instead of receive)

Farm Sanctuary – Animal rescue, education and advocacy
BunnyLuv – A fabulous rabbit shelter and resource center
The Thirst Project – Help get clean water to nations in need
Global Girlfriend – Give a bike to a person in need
Toys for Tots – Bringing joy to children in need
Operation Homefront – Helping our military servicemen and women
Habitat for Humanity – Homes for those in need
Healthy Weight Commitment – Working to end childhood obesity

(For the men on your list, both young & old)
Mustache Cufflinks – For the guy who likes a classy gag
Unstitched Utilities – Fabulous green and cruelty-free shoes that keep your dude comfortable and stylish.
Dizm Eco Herbie sunglasses – Fully renewable and biodegradable shades
IPlunge – For the guy with the smart phone who likes a toilet gag
Skinny Fatties Ties – Give your man’s ties a face lift!
Collard Greens – Eco men’s shirts, ties and more for that stylish guy on your list.
Brent Haven Stainless Steel Wallets – Eco and vegan wallets made from stainless steel fabric
North Wood’s Organic Shave Set  – Nothing smells better than a green organic dude
Street Sign Book Ends – Stop in the name of literacy
Wood Tie – Bet he doesn’t have one of these!

(For the ladies be they young, moms or busy bees)

Amy Kathryn Handbags – Amazing designer vegan, eco handbags
Juil Shoes – Eco, vegan shoes that are stylish while also cleansing your body from toxins!
Koa Hawaiian Wood Jewelry – Cool jewelry for the gal who loves Hawaiian bling
Hipsters for Sisters – Eco, vegan, locally made, hands free purses that sling on your hip. Way cool for that “hipster” mom.
Blake Brody Shoes – Eco, vegan and awesomely comfortable ballet flats, perfect for moms-to-be
Modvanti Eco Dresses – Perfect for pre and post baby, comfy and stylish
Mink Shoes – Gorgeous vegan shoes
Count me Healthy Bracelets – No matter your goal, wear this stylish visual reminder to keep on track
Vaute Couture – Hot vegan style
Rich Hippie Perfume – Eco alchemy
Crocheted Headphones – Keep your tunes cute and warm
Upcycled business card cases – Cause sisters are doin for themselves

Unisex & Couples Gifts
(For anyone or any duos)

Portable Wine Table – Vino for 2 to go!
Essential Oil Best of the Best Set – Great for health and even just smelling good
Eco Home Starter Kit – To get the clean home the eco way
Half Full Glassware – Drink positively
Finger Foods Party Plates – Keep the conversation going with the one handed party plate
The Greatest Candle – Eco-friendly, recycled cooking oil candles in delicious scents mom will love.
Island Picnic Home Decor – From eco throw pillows and beyond, do you your house the green way
Sustainable Wood Candle Blocks – Stack up your flames
Upcycled Mail bag Ipad case – Email protected by snail mail
Hypoallergenic Bed Lounger – Comfy, healthy and green

(Babies, teens & all in between)

DoodleBread Kits – Cooking for kids is fun!
Mam – The best in baby and toddler must haves
Roominate – Not your mom’s dollhouse
Toy Nanny – Great toy bag and mat for moms and babies alike
Plan Toys Eco Town – Play towns town that run on environmental initiatives
Curious Chef Knives – Teaching kids how to chop food instead of their fingers
EcoZoo Cotton Kid’s Rolling Backpacks – Green and cool and good for little spines
Eco-friendly Solar Powered Bamboo Doll House – Imagination plus green equals awesome
H Racer 2.0 – Hydrogen powered solar race car
Wonder Walker – Literally learning how to make a small carbon footprint

(For all furry babies)

Humunga Stache – Fido gets a toy, you get a laugh
Recycled cardboard cat scratcher – Keep your kitty scratchy
Fleece Pet Bed – Comfiness for your fur babies
Natural pet stain remover – For fur baby parents
Caesar’s Way Flash cards – Get your doggie trained with the help of celeb dog whisperer
Earthbath wipes – eco and vegan wipes for doggies and kitties
Cardboard cat chalet – Eco kitty
Felt Mushroom Birdhouse  – Their own fungus to call home

New Parents
(For parents-to-be and beyond)

Baby Bjorn Organic Babysitter Balance – Bounce baby the green way
2-in-1 Diaper Depot – This innovative nursery must-have is designed to make diaper changing safer, quicker, and more convenient by providing everything you need at your fingertips
Bumbleride Flyer Pram – One of the best, easiest strollers money can buy
Rockin Baby The Orange Hero Baby Carrier – Hold baby close in this eco-friendly sling
Skip Hop Dash Diaper Bag – Hold you and your baby’s stuff in style
Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow – For eco, hands-free nursing
Born Free Tru-Clean Sterilizing System – All-in-one design includes sterilizer, dishwasher basket, and drying rack.

Health & Beauty
(For all aspects of health & vanity)

Alima Pure – All natural vegan makeup
Ava Anderson Non-Toxic – Cruelty free skin, body, baby and home care without chemicals founded by an enterprising 14 year old girl!
Sparitual – Cool vegan nail polish
Violight Toothbrush Sanitizer – Clean the thing that cleans your teeth
Level Naturals – Delicious vegan soaps, scrubs and bath products
Plantlife – Yummy vegan soaps, lotions and skin care
Elan Veda – Natural ayurvedic products
Naturopathica – all natural, organic, vegan skin care

Fitness, Adventure & Sport
(For the fitness sport & adventure nuts on your list)

Kulae Yoga Gear – Eco, organic yoga mats and gear
Body Archer – Get it all done while working out
Vivibarefoot’s Achilles Running Sandal – Ideal for trail, beachside runs or urban exploration.
Coco Mat Stand Up Paddle Board – Spend time with dad on the water with this awesome eco paddle board
Goal Zero Solar Chargers – Outdoorsy folks who want to keep all their gadgets juiced will love these products!
Vegan Football – Fair trade and vegan tackling is just as bad ass
Cork Yoga Bricks – Make your triangle greener
Powerbreather – Work out your lungs

Home & Lifestyle 
(For cool home and miscellaneous goodies)

Reusable Double Wine Tote – Carry 2 bottles at once comfortably
Pillo1 – The wonder pillow that helps all sorts of ailments, it’s also all natural and eco-friendly! Give mom the gift of great sleep!
Della Casa Home Fragrance – Help mom’s house smell fabulous with all natural, zero yucky ingredients,home fragrance sprays.
iGozen – Reusable bottles and all natural, eco-friendly, organic cleaning products to keep mom’s  house spic and span!
MudPie  – Gifts and tableware for every occasion
Bamboo Potted Herbs – The gift of home gardening keeps on giving
Rose Stem Cutter – Taking the pain (physical and mental) out of trimming your roses and flowers
Cast Iron Tool Bottle Openers – Make drinking look like a tough job
Snow Ski Wine Rack – Sporty and functional

Books, Book Things & Films
(For cooks & bibliophiles)

The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen – Cook your way around the world the healthier, plant based way
Lenovo Tablet PC – It’s a PC, it’s a tablet, it’s everything you need in one
Point it – Language barriers no more
Audible – Getting that bibliophile a subscription to audiobooks for road trips
Forks Over Knives DVD – Change your life for the healthier after watching this film
Milk Documentary DVD – Change your life for the healthier after watching this film too!

(For the globe trotters you’ll be gifting)
Healthy Voyager Healthy & Eco Travel Kits 
– All in one healthy and eco kits for on-the-go
XO(Eco Collection) by Lauren Conrad – A hot, eco-friendly collection of all things travel and food
Totseat – For the traveling parent on your list
Travel Tools Keychain – Be prepared anywhere in the world
Take Charge Travel Case – Keep all your pluggy plugs snug and in 1 place
Green Garmento – Your eco travel and laundry bag

Cooking & Kitchen
(For the novice to the pro)

Nutribullet – The best appliance for folks who want to get healthy
NuWavPic – Portable induction cooking that saves energy while being safe and effective
Naturemill Composter – Make use of your tossed out food
Green Star Elite – For a very healthy new year
Cuisinart Stick Hand Blender – Soups, sauces and purees have never been so easy
Waring Pro Wine Preserver – Preserving your most precious libations
Epicurean Gourmet Cutting Boards – Gorgeous and green
The Baking Mats  – Silicone, heat resistant and no oil requires
YoNanas – Making ice cream out of bananas for that sweet, healthy treat
Smoking Gun – A cool gadget to smoke all sorts of foods the easy way
360 Cookware – A cool, eco, healthier way to cook
Digital Spoon Scale – Taking the guesswork out of measuring, once and for all
Homemade Stamp – Claim those baked goods!
Slimware & MeaureUp Bowls – Stylish and discreet portion control plates

Stocking Stuffers
(small gifts that pack a punch)
Silicone Pasta Rake – Keep you pasta from sticking, the healthy way
Tuffy Steepware – BPA free, travel tea steeper
Spatulart Holiday Spatulas – The cook on your list will love these festive holiday spatulas
Scoop and Spread – Multi functional and cool
Tabletop Citrus Reamer – Fresh squeezed citrus at the palm of your hand
Twist Whisk – This compact whisk will surely be a fave in the kitchen

Food & Beverage

(For gifting with a smile)

CalNaturale Wines – Organic carton wine rules
Pipernilli – Awesome vegan gourmet cookies
Vegan Vine Wines – Drink and be merry with vegan wines
Treeline Cheese – Gourmet vegan cheese is perfect for any holiday celebration
Veestro – Great vegan meals delivered to your home, office or hotel
Numi Artisan’s Tea Blending Kit – For the tea lover on your list
Fungus Among Us – All things organic mushrooms
Garlic Galena – Fabulous gourmet garlic foodie finds
Vegan Gourmet Caramel Corn – A veganized holiday classic
Vegan Cookie of the Month Club – Need I say more?

Services, Subscriptions & Classes

(For the gift that keeps on giving)

Vegan Cuts – A surprise box of vegan goodies at your door every month!
Googaro Toy Subscription – Subscribe to the awesome service that gets your baby the coolest toys and products without commitment to keep buying
Honest – For the new, healthy and eco minded parent
Personal Wellness Coaching – Get healthy and fit in 2012
Wellness Coaching Certification – Make 2012 the year you follow your passion
VegNews Magazine – To keep up to date with the coolest vegan trends all year long
Online Gardening Classes – Develop your green thumb this year!

Online Stores

Bourgeoise Boheme – Fashion with compassion
Herbivore Clothing & Store – Vegan clothing, books, accessories, nick knacks and more!
Uncommongoods.com – All kinds of neat and off the wall gifts
Alternative Outfitters – A vegan boutique
Vegan Collection – All vegan shoes, wallets and belts for men.
Scarves.com – Everyone loves a pretty, eco scarf this tme of year
Ties.com – Every man could use a great green friendly tie
Moo Shoes – Lovely vegan shoes for ladies
Earth Shoes – Eco, vegan shoes for men & women that promotes fitness
Toms Shoes – A pair for you also gets you a pair to someone in the world who needs them ; )
Viva Terra – Eco living with style
GreenLoop – Sustainable style

I hope this list helps make your holiday shopping easier and merrier while making your holiday giftees happy, healthy & green!!

Happy Holiday Shopping Days!!!


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