Injury While TravelingPersonal injury cases can already be a nightmare when you’re at home, but they can be even more problematic when traveling abroad. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do if you’ve been injured while traveling or at your point of destination that will allow you to get the compensation you deserve. In this article, we’re going to give you a few pointers on how to deal with personal injury cases while abroad.

Get Prepared

Above all else, you should be properly prepared before you even leave for your destination if you want to be properly compensated. If you aren’t, even the best personal injury lawyer in the world won’t be able to assist you once you come home, even if you have the strongest of cases.

The first thing you have to understand is that most Medicaid and Medicare plans do not cover charges incurred abroad, with the exception of some unincorporated US territories such as Puerto Rico. So, before you leave, make sure that the place you’re going to be visiting will allow you to enjoy your benefits.

Second, you’ll have to deeply examine your benefits and see exactly how you’re covered. In many cases, travel insurance plans cover much more than simply sickness. They can include everything from lost luggage, to missed flights and crashed rental cars for instance. Being properly covered and knowing exactly how you’re covered will be essential when dealing with any personal injury case.

Be Honest with Your Insurer

When you have a travel insurance policy, it’s always important to inform your insurer of any changes in health if you want your coverage to remain valid. One of the major reasons why cases get thrown out is because the insured forgot to inform their insurers of major changes such as new conditions or medication. It’s also very important to know your current medical condition before you fill out a form. Insurers will quickly dismiss any application with wrong information. Make sure you consult a doctor beforehand and make sure that all the information on your form is filled correctly.

However, if you have a pre existing condition, there are still options open to you. If you’re suffering from a particular condition, there are many specialist travel insurers that can help you. However, you’ll have to be prepared to pay a little more for your insurance. These companies will usually cover people with what are considered to be “stable” conditions. But, the issue with these is that even a minor change in your medication or condition could mean that it is no longer stable and could affect your coverage.

Document Everything

As in any other type of personal injury, it is important to note everything that happened from the moment the accident happened if you want to have any chance of your case being awarded. Take videos or photos of the scene as well as accounts from witnesses and their contact information. If it was a car accident or an accident caused by faulty equipment, make sure you take pictures and/or video as well. You should also seek immediate healthcare from a reputable practitioner. Everything will be made official and this is the most solid form of evidence you’ll have in a court of law. If you wait any longer to get attention, the case might be dismissed as it will make it seem as if the injury wasn’t serious in the first place.

You will then need to work with a lawyer. If you live in the San Antonio area, make sure you contact a San Antonio personal injury lawyer as you will still need the help of a lawyer in your jurisdiction. Only your lawyer will be able to tell you if you have a solid case in your hands.

Make sure that you hire a lawyer with significant knowledge and experience in the area. Generalists who aren’t familiar with injury cases will have a lot of difficulty dealing with these types of cases. Personal injury lawyers know travel insurance policy in and out and will be able to tell you if you’re covered or not.

Getting proper compensation after a personal injury suffered abroad all comes down to choosing the right travel insurance policy, making sure that you take all the proper steps from the moment the injury occurred and working with the right set of lawyers. If you do that, you should be able to increase your chances of winning your case tenfold.

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