wellnessEver wonder why some people can shed pounds quickly while others struggle for a lifetime? Or how some never get sick yet others catch everything from the common cold to the stomach virus? Maybe you’ve questioned why some individuals are more prone to mental illness and addiction while others can lead the most hectic lives and never seem to be thrown off guard?

The truth is, there are a number of factors that contribute to the health and wellbeing of an individual. Factors that apply to one group of people may not apply to another. That’s why there are so many different products, tools, and resources out there for those looking for improved lives. It’s also why medical experts like Dr. Kan from the Ask Dr. Kan show prefer to take an individualized approach to improve the well-being of others. They ask questions, run tests, and then develop a customized plan that includes products like those found at Ask Dr. Kan Store.

To give you an idea of why there aren’t any one-size-fits-all solutions to better health, take a look at some of the factors below:


Biology plays a significant role in one’s health and well-being. Your genetic makeup does more than determine your hair or eye color, it can also be a contributing factor in your health. If your mother and/or father had a history of diabetes, heart disease, or mental illness, this ideally increases your chances of developing it in the future. This, is essentially why medical experts frequently ask during visits about your family medical history as it can help them to provide you with the best care.

 Individual Behavior

As you’re probably aware your personal behavior also plays a role in your health. If a person isn’t getting the proper nutrition, exercising regularly, or engages in risky behaviors like using substances to cope with overwhelming emotions, essentially that person’s health would be at risk. It is not until a person starts making more positive decisions that their health improves. For example, should someone who once smoked cigarettes stop, they would reduce their risk of developing heart disease. If an obese person cuts out sugar, starches, and genetically modified foods, they would lose weight and also decrease their risk of weight-related diseases.

The Environment

Where you live, work, and play are also determines in your health and wellness. The quality of the air you breathe, the level of pollutants in the environment, and even the climate can vary a person’s health. The health and quality of the buildings you’re in, the cleanliness of your home, what you do for a living (for example, if you work around toxic chemicals regularly), and more can either help or hurt your physical and mental well-being.

Social Elements

There are social elements, believe it or not, that contribute to your health. Do you live in an area where there is easy access to healthy foods and quality healthcare? Do you earn enough to invest in the proper nutrition and care you need to sustain a healthy life? Were your schools provided the resources and tools necessary to educate students on health and nutrition? Are you exposed to crime, violence, and other risky behaviors that could influence your own behaviors?

The answers to these questions can ultimately shape the quality of your health. If you are from a crime-ridden or poverty-stricken area where you didn’t get much formal education on nutrition or you presently don’t have a high-paying job with healthcare and the means to buy better food, it would be more difficult for you to maintain your health as opposed to someone who was exposed to better social elements.

So you see, your health and wellness are determined by more than your ability to eat the right foods and workout (though these are contributing factors). It goes well beyond what you can control. That’s why there isn’t a simple solution for everyone to reach their optimum health. It is only through careful research, understanding, healthy lifestyle changes, and the support of others that you can truly enhance your wellbeing from the inside out.

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