Where to find vegan and gluten free food and restaurants in Paris, FranceThe winter period is a good time to sit back and evaluate best tourist destinations for the coming summer. For many people, the idea of travel is a welcome one, an opportunity to meet new people and experience new cultures.

Or just catch up with those you have gotten acquainted with the previous summer.

Either way, all factors to be considered on a yearly basis are always the same – tickets, accommodation, prices, agents, the whole itinerary is usually up for grabs. Because summer is a great time to go waltzing in Europe, right?

What if we told you that sometimes, our best journeys are made in off-season periods? How interesting would it be to make travel plans with a twist of Christmas cheer and had a chilly adventure? Funny as it may sound, there are certain benefits one can find when you set your travel plans towards any year’s ending. Let’s show you how.

Winter Travel Can be Fun?

Yup, you read right. Sometimes the best adventures are experienced during times that we like to call ‘off season’ – the times when nature seems to hibernate, and a cosy bed is preferable to being outside. Even though the weather would look unfavourable, there are some benefits to travelling during this time:

Avoiding massive crowds

If you are a type of person who gets feisty in a mammoth sea of heads, you should consider trying a winter or spring vacation. In addition to having less people around, you have more chances of seeing the more popular attractions in those places (which are usually crowded during summer periods). Queues are shorter at the tourist-oriented bars and cafes, meaning their service will be up a notch. I might even get a savvy bartenders so they can do my assignment for me cheap. Oh goody!

Christmas specials

Some cities hold events that are collectively called Christmas markets – where you get to see a wide range of products. Most popular on the list by that time of the year would be handmade winter wear – and those usually come out so beautifully! And because of, you know, chills it’s easier to access these markets and take in all the bustle and liveliness in one glance.

A chance to meet locals as they are

The off-season moments give you more time to blend with locals because you get a firsthand glimpse of how they live during winter. Interactions over steaming beverages are a good time to get recommendations on handy issues that could be useful anytime. You also get a chance to be part of their daily routine and learn valuable lessons that are key to your own living.

Travel logistics? Very easy!

You see, like we mentioned earlier, winter is hibernation time for everyone – but not for businesses. They need to stay up running all times and getting customers with high-seated charges gets them nowhere, especially during a cold spell. What do they do? Lowered prices! Restaurants, cafes, hotels – everyone invested in the hospitality business knows that chilly days are usually ‘dry’ days. Hence, it’s important for them to keep their prices minimum. Of course that means less spending for you in some respects, like cheaper fights. Some agencies even throw in very good deals for cheaper accommodation which is good. Who doesn’t like to save some for a rainy day?

Cooler things to do

No, not in the sense of the freezing temperatures. But it’s a good time to tour outside your itinerary and walk through otherwise crowded places in summer. It’s a known fact that most of the refurbishing for historical sites in many countries is done during the cold season. This gives you a no-ticket access to see at least the renovation going on. And if you are lucky, some worker who knows enough about the place will gladly give you a compressed tour with everything you should know.

Seeing the other face of nature

This is actually a worthy cause to do off-season travel. Asides the obvious factor of reduced numbers of people milling around, you get to see another side of nature in that place. If it’s a country or city you’ve been to before, you are probably familiar with the hot weather and the collective odour of humanity. But here, it’s just you (and your travel partners). The air is crisp, clean and cold. And the piled-up snow gives you a chance to appreciate nature in all its splendid beauty.

Few words for a sum-up

As fun as travelling can be, it can also take an unpleasant turn when one doesn’t do proper research or make adequate arrangements. Winter isn’t a good time to find yourself in a tight spot. If you plan to travel during chilly times, be sure to have your findings at hand – and an extra helping of warm clothes will always do.

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Jeff Blaylock loves skiing, which he gets to do during the cold season of the year. He is also a travel enthusiast and loves exploring historic medieval forts in Europe. Jeff constantly writes about travelling during unusual seasons and considers it more fun than the usual summer vacation.

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