african safariTraveling is good for the soul. Not only is it exciting and allows you to see other parts of the world, but it opens your eyes to various cultures and helps you to better understand human beings. When considering potential locations, think about a destination that’s a little bit different.

African Safaris

Nothing quite compares to the majesty of the setting sun over the African savanna. If you are curious about the African culture and want to see exotic animals up close, consider booking a safari. African safaris are popular with tourists because they offer a first-hand look at the beauty of Africa’s countryside and animal life.

  • Many packages offer guided tours that include a combination of activities that are off-limits to other tourists. These might entail private tours of national parks, exploration of beaches and drives across the grasslands. Many packages are offered, so find one that fits your budget and your brand of wanderlust.
  • Tours vary by location. Note that the images in your mind from The Lion King won’t apply to every place in Africa. The Serengeti is known for its wildlife and can be an amazing spot for tours, but Cape Town is a city of 3.7 million people and won’t have Simba and Scar battling on a mountaintop anywhere nearby.
  • If animals and preservation are your passion, consider donating to the African Wildlife Foundation. Many of Africa’s most beautiful creatures are on the endangered species list and need all the help they can get.


Don’t let the sad history scare you off; this beautiful country is full of lush greenery and hidden history beyond the events of the 1970s. Excellent food, delicious coffee and white beaches play a major role in attracting tourists to this coastal country in Asia.

  • Hanoi is the capital city and it’s worth seeing in your lifetime. Home to many museums, street vendors and the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, it is a unique experience that you won’t soon forget.
  • For a beautifully scenic area, look into visiting Sa Pa. It is located in northwest Vietnam and is breathtaking: Bright blue skies; rolling green hills; and rice paddies that are built into the mountainsides. The local tribes offer guided walking tours through these majestic hillsides, welcoming tourists into their homes for a unique overnight experience.
  • For the best bowl of soup you’ve ever had, order pho ga (chicken noodle soup with an Asian twist). It is an authentic, traditional meal that locals eat for every meal of the day. Paired with a cup of cafe sua da, your tastebuds will be in heaven.

Destinations that are a little different can make for some amazing memories. Dare to be adventurous when planning your next trip.

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