childrens birthday giftWhen the time comes for a coworker to retire, youll be keen to send them off into the next chapter of their life with gusto, celebration and, of course, gifts! Their working life will have been long and significant, so the present ought to match the occasion. It ought to be unique, classy and memorable. If youre scratching your head waiting for the next best idea regarding retirement gifts to appear, heres a quick run-through of some of your options. Your aim is to memorialize their time in the workplace while also ushering them out into a world of free time, more energy and endless possibility.


Its the end of your coworkers career, and youd be forgiven for just wanting to throw a giant party and celebrate the end of their working life. Where giant parties arent always possible, there are smaller indulgences to consider thatll certainly hit the spot. Check out a range of discount cigars to enjoy at the end of the day, or buy in a magnum of wine or a vintage bottle of bubbly to toast the end of an era with your colleague.


A more conscientious kind of present would fall in the projectscategory of retirement gifts. Retirees often complain that they dont know what to do with their time, especially when they are so used to the 9-5 lifestyle. A project gift is something to fill their time up, a creative, artistic pursuit, or a new hobby like train set building, or a new sport like bowls or snooker. Introducing your colleague to the wealth of options they are suddenly presented with at retirement is a wonderful and thoughtful way of preparing them for a very different way of life.

A Meal

If youre close to your co-worker, then a memorable and sentimental thing to do is to take them out for a meal. It might be just the two of you or a large group of friends from the office, but you should ensure that the atmosphere is just right for the night to live long in the memory of the retiree. Prepare smaller gifts to give at the dinner table, perhaps an oversized signed gift card, and the most important thing of all – speeches. If you have a word with the restaurant owner, theyll give you the best seats in the house and, who knows, they may bake you a retirement cake!

A Vacation

This one takes quite a bit of planning, but if you manage to get the people together to raise enough cash, itll be the best surprise present your coworker has ever received. Pay for flights and the hotel, and pay for the colleagues partner to fly too! Spare no expense where you can; in a large workplace, it shouldnt be an issue to raise enough cash to send a much-loved coworker away for a retirement trip that theyll be truly humbled by.

Retirement gifts can be a little difficult to buy, but this article should help narrow down your options to something truly meaningful.

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