Support For SeniorsMillennials are known to be more receptive of new technologies – especially the internet – while it is believed that the elderly are very much stuck in traditional systems. This so-called fact is particularly more apparent in the digital marketing strategies utilized by firms today. Also, if we are to consider that a large percentage of the contents on the internet are tailored for young adults and teenagers, then we are likely to conclude that the elderly are yet to fully accept the internet technology.

However, we can no more rely on this notion as recent studies show that there is a steady increase of the percentage of seniors who are adopting and using the internet. As seen in the comprehensively illustrated infographic created by on the use of contemporary technologies by the elderly, 70% of users aged 65 and above use the internet daily.

A majority of seniors access the internet in order to stay connected with family and friends via social media networks and email. Some are more keen on accessing news articles as they know that the internet is the fastest way to stay updated on the latest events happening around the world. In addition, educative medical websites, as well as entertainment portals, are frequently visited by senior citizens. Interestingly, they are increasingly using the internet to perform transactions which suggests that they are interested in being a part of the ongoing digital trends.

The increase in internet adoption among seniors which is at an all-time high demonstrates the willingness of this age group to accept technologies that can positively improve their lifestyle. Therefore, there is a need for content providers and digital marketers to capitalize on this surge by introducing tailor-made content and tools that will further establish this burgeoning interest in the internet.

There is no better way to do this than to understand why the seniors are on the internet, what they are looking for, and how to service their needs. You can start by perusing this detailed infographic with helpful stats on the use of the internet by the elderly.

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