healthy voyager travel planningChange in scenery can help a lot, especially if you’re experiencing writer’s block. Traveling can inspire you to be a better writer. It can expose you to new things and it helps you have new ideas. Ideas for inspiration you can meet on online essay writing service. It can also be good way of relaxing your mind. There might be a lot of things going on in your life right now, so traveling can help clear you mind a little bit so you can focus on your writing.

Of course, not everyone can travel. This is based on income or physical hindrances. But if you do have the privilege to do so, it can really help to get the ideas and inspiration flowing.

Things to do

Meet people and open new characters

Traveling, especially if you are going where you barely know anyone, lets you meet a lot of new people. And each person you meet has the potential to be anew character in the story you’re writing. You never know what you can get from one person you talk to. So when you are traveling, observe the people around you, talk to them, and try to learn as much as you can from them. You’ll never know if the person you’re talking to can be inspiration for your main character.

New places create new spaces

Similar to getting new characters from new people, you can find the perfect setting when you travel. It doesn’t have to be a single place, especially if you’re writing a fantasy story. You can incorporate details from different places into your story. What you need to do is to pay attention to the smallest detail in the place that you can use. Whatever it may be: an uncommon name, a unique shop, the beauty of nature, etc.

Immerse in the culture

Every culture in the world has its own unique qualities. But it is not enough to just know what the culture is. The best way to get a feel for the culture id to immerse yourself in it. Learning about their language, customs, practices, even religion, can help develop your characters. It allows you to create a backstory for your character based on some aspect of a culture. Again, you don’t have to copy the whole thing. You can create something that is totally different by combining different aspects of different cultures.


If you’re experiencing writer’s block, one of the main reasons you travel may be to just relax. Even if you’re traveling to look for inspiration, it is important to rest and relax from time to time. A little break never hurt anyone. Taking a break also clears your mind which allows new ideas to form. It also makes you more receptive to other ideas that you may not think of on your own.

Thinking outside the box

Traveling, literally speaking, takes you out of your comfort zone. This will often force you to change the way you think. It allows ideas to flow and is essentially a reset button for your writing.

New educational experience

You never stop learning. That is pretty much how every person grows intellectually. And as the old saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” Traveling is definitely a great experience. You can learn a lot of things from your travels. You can learn new skills, learn about new cultures; you may even learn some new information from the people you meet. Each travel is an educational experience where you can learn a lot of new things. Absorb as much as you can and you can incorporate them your stories.

Nature is the best motivation tool

Nature has a great relaxing effect on the human body and mind. Reconnecting with nature, without technology, is a great way to reset your brain. It also relaxes your body which can help relieve stress. Nature can also bring inspiration for both settings and characters. You can draw ideas from the plants, animals, and vistas around you. Nature is the best way to motivate yourself and get your bearings again.

Read. Read. Read.

Reading is one of the most common suggestions when you ask someone for advice on where to get inspiration. Experienced writers will often give you this answer when you ask them for advice. And traveling does give you a lot of opportunity to read.

You can read while waiting for your plane, while on a bus, or when you’re relaxing somewhere. And with the technology today, you don’t even need a physical book to read something. There are a lot of electronic books available right now that you can read on your phone. You can literally have a complete library on your phone and read away. There are even audiobooks you can listen to while you’re on the go or doing something else.   

Any journey is a great story

Some of the greatest stories ever told are adventures in one way or form. Your own travels can be the story in and of itself. You can just write about your experiences, the places you went to, and the people you met, and that can be a great story already. Just put a great spin on how you tell it and it can be used as a story. Traveling not only a way of getting inspiration but it is a form of research.

Final Thoughts

Getting inspiration to write can be a bit hard. This is even more difficult if you’re experiencing writer’s block. Traveling is great way to get inspiration and relaxing both the body and the mind.

Try to keep two things in mind while you are traveling: absorb everything around you and write the things down. This is a great way to get inspiration and keep the ideas you had while traveling so that you can use them again, if the necessity arises.

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