Hiking With PetsWhen we choose to get a pet, it is so important to understand the responsibility of another’s health and wellness. Since the time that humans have domesticated animals for pleasure or work, it has become a culturally accepted to treat animals more like a family member than a separate being. That being said, the animal feed industry has not followed suit. The food created for animals is mostly junk food. Domesticated animals are not in their home habitat and are dealing with stressors that they don’t naturally know how to handle. Their food is a major contributor to stress and health-related issues. Unlike us, they eat the same diet all day every day. For healthy, happy stress-free pets, it is so important they are getting the nutritional needs to support them.

When a family pet becomes sick, it can be an extremely confusing time. The first thing you want to do is stop the animal from suffering. This can be difficult because of our lack of communication. When pets get sick, it can be extra difficult because they cover up how they are truly feeling until the illness has peaked. Often by the time they show us they are suffering, the illness has become a chronic state. Only at this point do we start to question how we have been caring for our animals and what more we could have done. It is our responsibility to make sure our pets are as happy and healthy as the rest of our family.

Depending on what we are choosing to feed our pets, often times it is lacking in the right balance of nutrients. Due to stress factors, poor quality of manufacturing, and low-density foods, our pets are depleted of what they need to stay healthy. SmartyPaws Dog Supplements use premium, thoughtfully-selected ingredients to help fill those nutritional gaps. Often, it is so hard to tell what an animal needs because symptoms will be hidden or elusive. This formula of supplements was created by a team of veterinarians whose experience gives them the knowledge to help prevent illness and stress.

The best way we can support our pets is to acknowledge that mainstream pet food supply is slowing creating disease in our pets. At the earliest stage possible, it is important to feed your pets with high-quality food that would best match its natural environment. For dogs and cats, a meat diet is essential, but what often lacks is the necessary intake of nutrients that would come from grasses, leaves, and other vegetation and minerals. Although it’s not a main part of the diet, these animals ingest these sources to assist in digestion. If you have solely indoor pets, they might be lacking nutrients that they would get by snacking outside.

There are many other things we can do as pet owners to keep our four-legged family members healthy. Diet is vitally important and so is keeping the digestive tract functioning well. Proper exercise and mental stimulation are just as important as it is in humans. Without these two components, stress and boredom can also lead to chronic illness and unfavorable behavior. Dogs getting enough exercise can have monumental impacts on behavior, as can playing with your cat.

Finally, we come to the last and most important component of pet health. Love. No matter what creature you choose as part of your animal family, we are all kept healthy by love and connection. At one point or another, we all need care and tending. Our pets our dependant on us for this connection. Oftentimes, we are the ones choosing our family pets and it is a lifetime commitment to provide all the components of love and compassion to these creatures that give us so much. The least we can do in return is to make sure they are thriving nutritionally, emotionally, and providing a safe home to rest. If your pet is starting to show signs of illness, look at these three components and ask if there is anything you can change or provide. They give back a hundredfold what we put into them. Usually, there is always something more we can do better to take care of the pets that steward us.

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