clean green homeAs times change, more gadgets are invented to make our lives easier. Think about it: we no longer have to scan through a library of books to get the information we need. With the Internet, we have all of the information we need at our fingertips. In a world we consider the rat race, it’s important that we find even more ways to speed up the things that take the longest.

But stop for a minute and think: what are some of the most time-consuming aspects of our lives? If you said cleaning the house, that’s one correct answer of many. While we are busy working all day, raising children, and/or tending to other life responsibilities, it seems that cleaning the house gets put on the back burner.

Fortunately, there are modern-day tools that can help us clean the house faster than ever before and are actually more enjoyable than using traditional cleaning equipment:

Self-cleaning litter boxes

Many enjoy that owning cats means extra company yet little maintenance as cats are fairly independent and don’t require much more from their owners than food and water. However, for indoor cats, a litter box is important. Although litter boxes are stinky and messy, a self-cleaning litter box can make the process of cleaning it easier and less disgusting.

But according to Paws, Whiskers & Claws, self-cleaning litter boxes might work for certain cats but not others. Keep in mind that it is still important to clean self-cleaning litter boxes manually at times as well as replace the dirty litter from time to time.

Air purifiers

Keeping the home clear of dust, allergens, and secondhand cigarette or cigar smoke has never been easier than with air purifiers. Even when you’re not home, an air purifier can clean the air in your home so that it’s easier and safer for you and your family to breathe when they do step foot back into the home.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaning can be a bore for many. From the loud sound to the lugging back-and-forth of the vacuum cleaner, there are other things many would rather be doing. For those with bad backs or who have difficulty getting around their home, the traditional vacuum cleaner is not always the most relevant tool.

But if you want to be able to vacuum without lifting a finger or pulling your back out, a robot vacuum cleaner might be for you. These devices can clean a certain room in your home or your entire home if you allow them. Robotic vacuums have sensors and move slowly enough to where they won’t be denting your furniture.

Robot mops

If a robot vacuum wasn’t enough for you, there are also robot mops out on the market. If you ever were annoyed when household members walked on your freshly-wet floors in the middle of your mopping session, you can conveniently mop with a robotic mop while your entire household is a way for the day, coming home to clean flooring without doing any work yourself.

Electric scrubbers

Scrubbing in general, whether it’s the toilet, the kitchen sink, or the bathroom countertops, is not a favourite task of most homeowners. Electric scrubbers, however, can speed up the job and make for better results thanks to their rotating or vibrating heads, removing more junk and gunk than the average manual scrubber might.

Blind dusting tool

Cleaning blinds can be a challenge for obvious reasons: it’s time-consuming, and there are many slates that have to be cleaned one-by-one. While many try to speed up the blind-cleaning process by closing their blinds and then swiping them with a duster, this doesn’t get the job done as well as cleaning each blind one at a time.

Thanks to the modern invention of special blind dusting tools, the multiple arms on these devices makes it quick to clean above and below a blind in one swipe.

Robot grill cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners, robot moppers, and now robot grill cleaners? It’s true! Cleaning the grill after use can be incredibly frustrating and boring for most, but with a robot to do the work for you, you can stand back and watch, or get back to the football game, while your grill will be spiffy clean in no time.

Drain hair catcher

Nothing is more annoying than taking a shower or bath only for the dirty water not to properly drain afterwards due to a buildup of hair in the drain. With hair catchers, you can catch hair as it builds up in your drain. All that you have to do on your part is remove the hair catcher device from your drain, clean, and place it back in.

Trash Compactor

For those who hate taking out the trash, the trash compactor will be of interest. These devices can scrunch your “full” trash load into a fraction of the load, significantly reducing how often you’ll have to take out the trash, saving you trash bags and city trash can space in the process. No more manually pressing down your trash load with your hands or foot to save space!

Sanitizing Wand

Most of us only have the time and energy to tend to the basic cleaning tasks around the house such as doing the dishes and laundry, sweeping and mopping, dusting, and vacuuming. However, allergens, bacteria, and germs still build upon a plethora of surfaces and objects in our home, often without our knowledge.

A sanitizing wand, however, can make it simple and fun to remove up to 99.9-percent of germs, odour-causing bacteria, and allergens from virtually anything from floor rugs to computer keyboards.

You can scope out other modern cleaning equipment from the Big Clean website.


While many are usually content using their less-than-modern cleaning equipment from non-robotic moppers to manual litter boxes, having the option to purchase cleaning supplies that work faster and more effective than ever before is something we can be grateful for. From electric scrubbers to air purifiers, we can clean our homes will less work than ever before.

Finding the right modern cleaning gadgets for your home all comes down to what your needs are, what tasks take the most time for you, and what tasks you dislike doing the most. Chances are, there’s a gadget out there perfect for you.

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