hiking appNothing beats the sheer thrill and exhilaration of traveling solo. It’s the ultimate way to experience and revel in the freedom and utter liberation; with an Interrail ticket or wedge of plane tickets in your pocket, your possessions strapped firmly to your back, and your trusty dog-eared travel guide in your bag, the world well and truly becomes your oyster. Who knows what each day will bring, or what new friends and incredible encounters you’ll come across along your way?

Today’s solo travelers have a massive advantage over those from previous generations: the wonders of smartphone technology, and the plethora of apps and platforms which never fail to amaze us and transform the way we live our lives. There’s an incredible array of apps available right now from your app store designed and made for those with itchy feet and a need for travel, and those who simply cannot get enough of getting out there and seeing the world. Let’s take a look at the six smartphone apps which no solo traveler should be without, and consider just what makes them so indispensable for those heading out on the open road.


Every solo traveler knows the importance of getting used to your own company, and more often than not, it’s the time spent on your own – living by your own schedule, doing things the way you want to do them – that proves to be the most valuable. However, nobody could deny that amazing experiences are also going to arise from being with other like-minded and passionate travelers… and that’s where Backpackr really comes into its own. It’s often described as being like Tinder for travelers; it follows a similar, easy-to-use swiping format, and ‘hooks you up’ with other people in your area. It’s also packed with top tips for hostels, restaurants, and things to do, meaning you’ll never be short of ideas and thoughts to explore with your brand new friends.


Food tourism has become a major reason why people travel solo nowadays. It makes perfect sense, after all – through food and drink, we can get a better idea of different cultures and traditions in a far more effective way than any guided museum tour can offer! EatWith is, frankly, a work of real genius; it allows travelers to experience real, immersive culinary encounters, by allowing them to explore opportunities for dinner parties, home-cooked meals, street food stalls, and much more besides. Bon appetit!


It was only a matter of time before a social network dedicated solely to travelers and explorers cropped up on the app store. Travello does what it does very well indeed, and allows travelers to match their interests and passions with other members, allowing them to meet up, share stories and tips, and generally stave off any creeping homesickness or loneliness as they explore this wide and wonderful world.


This hugely popular app and social network has transformed the way people travel around the world. While once upon a time, travelers had to rely on dodgy hostels, overpriced hotels, or worse options besides these, Couchsurfing opened up people’s homes for their comfort and convenience. Through Couchsurfing, you can find a spare bed or couch in the homes of people in almost every city on earth, and with this great app, you’ll end up with new friends, private tour guides, and an incredible insight into wherever it is you’re staying.


Apps like SoloTraveller have been made with people just like you in mind – it’s all about getting to meet like-minded adventurers, sharing tips and travel advice, and saving money by sharing taxis and other transport options. Traveling around the world is a great way to take a break from your studies (and if you use essay writer service from EssayService, you might find yourself with even more free time to enjoy on your travels), and get to know yourself a whole lot better. A truly brilliant app which is trusted by travelers all over the globe.


Traveling around the world – or even within your own country – can be a daunting experience for women on their own. Thankfully, the creators of Chirpey (an online community for female travelers) are on a mission to make things safer and help women adventurers feel more confident and secure in their traveling experiences. Chirpey links female travelers up to others in their area and provides all kinds of solutions to a wide array of different problems. If you have an issue (for example, you want to know whether a particular bar or party is likely to be safe), just drop a message on the app – you’ll be amazed at how many supportive and informative replies you’ll receive!

There you have it – six fantastic apps which are made with solo travelers in mind. With such technology at your fingertips, the open road never looked more inviting!

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