Tips on how to travel healthy, vegan and gluten free in ItalyNothing enriches the mind and spirit quite like travel. Seeing the world, exploring new locations, new cultures, and new sensory experiences is something which never fails to add real spice to one’s life, and it’s something we should all strive to do more of. Often, during our university or college years, we find ourselves travelling with groups of friends or fellow students, and taking in the sights of the world as part of a group. While there are undoubtedly plenty of benefits to this approach to travel, there’s one personality type which often finds this is a bit of a struggle. That’s right: I’m talking about introverts.

If you consider yourself an introverted person, then you’ll be more than familiar with the dilemmas you face when travelling as part of a posse of friends or study partners. Hitting the clubs probably isn’t your style, and being in crowds of people is unlikely to be your cup of tea. The solution? Travelling solo, alongside your mates. That might sound like an oxymoron, but it’s an approach which has helped plenty of introverts when heading out and seeing the world in company.

In this week’s blog, I’ve brought together a handful of tips, hints, and suggestions as to why travelling solo as part of a group might just be the most enjoyable thing you learn how to do. You’ll benefit from the best of all possible worlds; the security and enjoyability of spending time with your friends, and the peace of mind that comes with slipping under the radar, and enjoying yourself on your own introverted terms. Read on to find out more!

Set Your Own Schedule

Travelling in a group generally means doing everything together. There’s likely to be at least one person in your travel team who has pieced together a full itinerary of everything you’re likely to be doing during your vacation… but rest assured, there will be plenty of gaps between activities during which you can slip away and do your own thing. If no such itinerary exists, then you have the perfect opportunity to make a list of things you want to do and see while travelling, and the perfect excuse to head off on your own and tick those specific boxes.

Early to Bed? More Time for Exploring!

Here’s my top tip for travelling solo in a group: make the most of the early mornings. Student vacations together often involve a whole lot of late nights, which invariably lead to waking up at some point in the early afternoon the following day. If you’ve got the self-discipline to head back to your hotel, hostel, or rented apartment before it gets too late (and if you’re a full-blown introvert, you probably don’t need much of an excuse to make your excuses and exit), then you’ll probably find you have loads of time in the first half of the next day to do as you please. The best part? Often the early mornings are the best times to experience the real heart of a city or country, as this is when you’ll find the best local breakfast spots, the most authentic markets, and see the place waking up to start another day.

Experience The Local Scene

What’s the point in travelling at all if you’re just going to be spending time at the tourist bars, jam-packed clubs, or following the tourist trail offering an inauthentic experience? Make excuses to get away from the group, and while away the hours at local coffee shops, sitting in a park, or exploring the backstreets and winding alleys. You’ll be able to revel in the pleasure of being quiet and alone, and you’ll end up benefiting from a far more unique and original experience.

Take in Some People-Watching

When you’re in a group, your attention is constantly being diverted to the various group members. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this, but it does rob you of the chance to indulge in one of the greatest pleasures that comes from travelling: a bit of quality people-watching. Getting away to a roadside cafe or terrace for an hour or two doesn’t just give you the opportunity to check out the local coffee scene, it also allows you to spend some time anonymously watching the world as it goes by. What could possibly be better than that for the introverts among us?

Make The Most of Your Free Time

Our study years are often some of the most stressful times we have to endure. No wonder more and more students are searching for pro essay writers to help with their written assignments when it comes to freeing up time and relieving packed schedules! Your vacation is your time to be yourself, and it’s important to remain mindful of this every moment you’re away. You don’t need to be dragged along to parties you don’t want to attend, or be forced to spend time doing things which don’t make you happy. Make sure your travels are as enriching and fulfilling as you deserve them to be, and don’t be afraid to make the most of your precious free time.

As introverts, we’re used to making compromises with other people. Travelling solo as part of a group – by its very nature – is going to involve plenty of compromises, as well as time split between group activities and solo ones. However, strike the balance right, and you’re all set for a vacation that’s bound to hit the high notes, and leave you feeling refreshed, fulfilled, and re-energised.


  1. Thanks for including a link to my article about why you should wake up early when traveling. It’s kind of become my mantra. I always get the best pictures and some of the greatest highlights this way!

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