romantic staycation tips

I know, we just got through the holiday season but it’s time for yet another holiday, Valentine’s Day! Perhaps you are still paying of your Christmas gift bills so money may be a bit tight , as well as time. I get it!

Well, don’t fret! Sure, ti would be nice to hop on a plane and spend the weekend in Paris but let’s get real. Maybe next year! But this year, you can make it a sexy staycation by being a hometown tourist or even changing your own home to Club Bed, heehee!! Check out some of my romantic staycation ideas that will be sure to be even more romantic than a pricey getaway!

  • Breakfast in Bed – Nothing is more romantic than surprising your Valentine with a lavish breakfast in bed! Be sure you plan ahead to make sure you have everything you need to create your tasty menu. Be sure you let your sweetie know that they are the VIP and should lounge until breakfast is served. Perhaps turn on their favorite movie or show, have an assortment of magazines prepared for them and/or start them off with a yummy almond milk latte or fresh squeezed juice until the meal is served.
  • Glamping – Plan a romantic getaway to your back yard! Pitch a tent and fill it with your fave bedding and bring your wifi enabled tv or tablet for smooth tunes or to cuddle and watch a great flick. Or, if you have an SUV or can borrow one, put down the seats and turn the back into a luxurious bed, park by the ocean, river, or great mountain spot. Either way, don’t forget to bring a great meal, snacks, dessert and/or some wine and bubbly!
  • Hike n’ Picnic – If you and your honey are the outdoorsy type, find a hiking trail you haven’t tried out yet. Make a day of it by packing a great picnic so when you reach the perfect spot in the hike, you can relax and enjoy the scenery along with a tasty treat.
  • Bike City Tour – Looking to get the juices flowing? Try planning a bike tour of your city. Find an area you would like to explore and plan a bike tour with your Valentine. Roam a new part of town, stop in cute shops or eateries and have fun trying something new together.
  • Dinner for 2 – For the foodie couple, try preparing a meal together. Nothing is sexier than cooking an aromatic meal together since you know it’s made with love! Try out a fun new menu from all the way from drinks and appetizers to dessert. Digest by cuddling and watching a great movie and don’t worry about the dishes until later!
  • Project Love – If you and your love are the creative types, try to start a fun project. Be it a painting you work on together, a piece of furniture or even planting a garden, whatever you create will be a lasting symbol of your special day together.
  • Spa Day – If you are in the mood to pamper and relax, turn your bathroom into a spa! Get your bathroom ready for a luxurious bath by lighting candles, adding floral arrangements  having slippers and robes handy as well as some champagne. Give each other spa services such as massages, mani/pedis, body scrubs and more!

The possibilities are endless and ultimately, regardless of budget, spending a special day or weekend together is what’s most important. Get creative, have fun and indulge in love!


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