Vacations-in-Northern-MinnesotaWhen the summer sun rays are warm and the gentle breeze is kissing your face, there is no better place to go then the state of Minnesota.

The forests come alive and the lakes sparkle under the sparkling rays of the sun. Minnesota as we all know, is a state full of lakes.

You can have a nice relaxing vacation in Northern Minnesota in the lakes. The towering greenery and the water is the perfect vacation location for the season.

The lush wilderness and the pristine waters makes a nice vacation for both families and couples and groups of people alike.

From food to activities to simply relaxing Minnesota lakes is the place to visit this summer.

Nonetheless, check out these beautiful lakes in Northern Minnesota, where you can enjoy a very relaxing vacation. Get ready to unwind!

Lake of the Isles

This is definitely the most beautiful lake in Minnesota. Located in Minneapolis, Lake of the Isles makes for a great vacation spot for the summer. You will easily find many vacation rentals in the lake area. All around the lake is a trail suitable for cycling and walking. The lake creates a very scenic natural landscape and there is a path around the lake as well, which will give you a very scenic drive. Beautiful stately houses adorn the western side of the lake and in the center of the lake you’ll see two islands, which are under the protection of wildlife refuges.

Lake Superior

Another lake in Saint Louis County, Lake Superior could also be your vacation destination this summer. With its rocky cliffs, beautiful cobblestoned beaches and luscious forested hills, Lake Superior gives off a very laid back and relaxing vibe.

There is a lot to explore in this area, especially the North Shore scenic drive with spectacular natural scenery. The Superior National Forest is a great spot for camping as well. Spend your night under the stars while the summer breeze kisses your face. Go canoeing and kayaking and fishing in this lovely location and have a great time. While you are planning to visit the lake, do check out Loon Lodge Vacation Cabins for your accommodations.

Lake Vermilion

Located in Saint Louis County, Lake Vermilion is another great relaxing vacation spot for the summers. Located in northeastern part of Minnesota, this lake is the fifth largest lake in the state. Every summer this lake attracts a lot of visitors from the state, offering a relaxing summer vacation spot. You can spend a great time with your family here. The lake offers good fishing opportunities. Take your little one to fishing here and enjoy a good time this summer.

Lake Harriet

This Minneapolis Lake is a great spot for summer recreational activities and special events takes place in this lake quite often. Cycling trails adorn the area around the beach and there are also two beautiful beaches, where you can sit down and relax. For a great summer weekend getaway head to Lake Harriet and relax in the beautiful beaches or indulge in various summer recreational activities.

Rainy Lake

This lake is a part of Voyageurs National Park in the northern part of Minnesota in Koochiching county. This freshwater lake is an ideal fishing location and summer weekends will see many people from the state flocking here to enjoy a good fishing time. The fishing here is so popular that the Lake region has many fishing cabins and resorts as well as boat camping locations.

The list of lakes in Minnesota will be never ending but these are some the best and popular lakes in Minnesota, where you can enjoy a nice and relaxing time during the summer.

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