living largeLuxury means different things to different people. It could mean having the biggest brand names and showing off your wealth and status at every turn. It could mean investing in quality. It could mean creating a financially stable future for your family, or it could mean owning everything your heart desires. Unfortunately, living luxuriously does not always contain positive connotations. Partying hard with the biggest celebrities is fun, certainly, but when your partying habits are starting to negatively impact your life and your relationships, it is time to take a step back and redefine your definition of luxury:

The Problem with Living Large

Living large is the goal that many have. They want to experience more, do more, and live louder than ever. With the money, you can do this without a hitch. The only problem with doing so is that it is not sustainable for your health. Partying hard can cause a number of health problems, from liver failure to even malnutrition. It also carries the risk of developing an addiction, which, as the problem persists, will begin to affect other areas of your life.

Admitting You Have a Problem

We are moving wards a healthier future. This means luxury labels are redefining their relationship with the environment. It means eating healthy, delicious foods. It means practicing wellness so that you can live a long and happy life. When you have an addiction due to your partying lifestyle, it can be incredibly difficult to admit that you have a problem. Admitting it before you cause damage to your relationships or worse, end up causing injury to yourself or others is a huge step, but it is one you have to do. Waiting until a judge mandates your recovery after a DUI charge, or being forced into sobriety after a prison sentence is not the best way to live. Ask for help early, and you can get your life back on track on your own terms. Do this by admitting yourself to an alcohol detox program to help you get started.

Remaining Accountable

Your rehabilitation treatment will do wonders to getting you back on the right track, but it is up to you to remain accountable for your actions. Join an AA meeting, reconnect with your friends, and get everyone on board with your new lifestyle. If this means cutting out the friends who you used to party with, so be it. To be extra safe, install a car Breathalyzer so that even if you do fall off the wagon, no one else will be harmed due to your decision.

Redefining Luxury 

The last step is to redefine your sense of luxury. Partying hard is not sustainable, and it is not conducive towards leading a happy, fulfilling life. As such, you need to find new, better ways to have fun and enjoy your life. Travel, learn, join exercise classes, get outdoors – there are so many ways you can live in luxury while simultaneously doing the best for your health, your relationships, and the world around you.

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