kids safety onlineThe internet can be a confusing and sometimes scary place for adults, so there is no wonder that there are many dangers on it for young children. In today’s modern society, keeping children safe and secure while they are using the web is one of the new challenges that parents face right now. Some parents worry that they aren’t doing enough with this while others think that they might be slightly too strict. Do you think you need to improve your methods for keeping your children secure online? Here are some great tips you can use.

Set A Good Example

Children learn best by examples, so it is really important that you are being a good example. If you find it hard to drag yourself away from your mobile phone screen or your laptop, then your children will grow up thinking that constant screen time is normal. It isn’t. Ideally, you should limit your screen time so that your children are encouraged to limit theirs once they get older.

Use Parental Controls

When you are comparing internet providers, it’s really worth looking for one that offers parental controls included in all their plans. You can then set these to control the content that your children are able to view online. You should find that most mobile app stores will come with similar controls too, and they can be used to prevent your kids downloading expensive or age-inappropriate apps.

Be Open With Your Communication

Open communication is key in all areas of parenthood, but it is even more important when it comes to your children’s internet safety. It’s important that your children let you know how and why they use the web and that you explain the various safety precautions you have put into place. This should then make it easier for them to approach you about any issues they may experience, such as cyber bullying and harassment.

Set Your Child’s Passwords

If your child is still quite young, you should set their passwords for them. Keep it safe and don’t let them know what it is. That way, they need you to log into any account for them, which will help you set a limit on their screen time. Not only that, though, but it also prevents your child from giving out their password, which would be a huge security risk.

Keep Laptops In Public Places

Once your children reach a certain age, they should be old enough to use the web unsupervised. However, you shouldn’t let them take a laptop or other device into their room alone. You never know what they might end up looking at! So, even though you can leave them unsupervised, they should still only use the laptop in a public place, such as in the living room or the kitchen. That way, you can intervene if you are ever unsure about the content they are viewing.

Child safety on the internet shouldn’t be too difficult once you use all of the tips in this post!

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