kids gift ideasMost of us agree that the perfect gift does not exist. People have different tastes and like to receive different things for various occasions. The same goes for children’s gifts. Parents agree that depending on a kid’s age, preferences change, so it is important to keep track of what the little one is lately interested in.

To help you out, we have prepared a list of kid’s gift ideas that are suitable for every age and which will likely make your little angel very happy.

For Kids Under One Year

It is very difficult to buy toys for a baby because usually, these objects work more like tools to discover the world around than toys. Because babies’ sight is not completely developed during their first few months, choose toys that have simple colors. Also, pick only soft toys, crochet rattles, or stuffed animals to prevent any injuries.

Another good idea would be to hang toys over kid’s beds so that they can observe them while lying on their backs. After the baby turns 4 months, things like bouncers and any toy that they can grab onto are very useful for their development.

Are you still undecided over what toys to give your small one as a gift? Then check this buying guide to the best toys for kids age-by-age this year. There you will find what the most age-appropriate toys for each development phase of your kid are from birth to age 9. You will also learn why exactly a specific toy is more appropriate for an age group than others.

For One- and Two-Year-Old Kids

At this age, children are increasingly attracted to bright colors and seek to touch everything around them. A perfect gift for a one-year-old is either a big plastic ball or a few smaller ones. They are a bouncy and fun toy that kids can play with alone or with the parents. Plus, kids can easily pick it up, carry it around and throw it around. Don’t choose a ball that’s too heavy or too light and buy one that’s brightly-colored or even has models or cartoon characters on it.

Another good gift would be a large box which they can use to hide in and explore. These nesting boxes can be used by several toddlers to gather and play in. They are also completely safe, and you can even recycle old boxes from deliveries or gifts.

For Three- and Four-Year-Old Kids

At this age, it may seem easier for parents to give their children a smartphone or an iPad. The Internet is not an exactly safe place for a small kid to be in, so it is critical to keep your child safe in the Digital Age. On the other hand, toy cars, dolls, stuffed animals are some very appropriate gifts for a three- and four-year-old. Any toy that keeps your little one imagination working is good.

Don’t forget that at this stage, kids want many things. So, you can always fill up a big box with toy dinosaurs, fun costumes that they can use to impersonate their favorite characters, building blocks, and even bath toys, and offer it to them for their birthday or Christmas.

For Five- to Six-Year-Olds

During this part of their life, children are curious about letters and numbers and they typically learn how to spell their own name. Offer them gifts like name puzzles, rubber stamps, and stickers for each letter and number which they can use to spell short words.

At about age six, children begin to realize that the importance of money, and they want to help too. Buy them a laptop, board games like Monopoly or a lemonade stand. Learning to count money is very important at this early age and might entice the future adult to pursue a financial career. Encourage them with suitable gifts.

For Seven-Year Olds and Beyond

Starting at age seven, children begin changing their preferences and passions. So, if your child is more artistic, give them a nice set of crayons or some brushes and paint as gift. If they like to spend time in the kitchen with their parents, offer them a children’s baking set.

As children grow, you need to be extra careful about what they like and offer them gifts accordingly. Standard ideas no longer work from now on and you’re on your own to discover your child’s preferences. Things like guitars, obstacle courses, and video games make all nice gifts.


Choosing the best gift for a child can be a real struggle. However, by researching and paying attention to what your child likes, this task can become a little easier to manage. Every age has its particularities and it is important to take those differences into account when shopping for a gift for your kid.

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