clean indoor airThe air we breathe can be so important to our health. There are so many particles and toxins in the atmosphere from all the busyness of the world that some of us don’t really know what breathing fresh air is truly like. If you live in a busy city, think of all the cars and busses, all the businesses and factories, trains and more. All of those things emit fumes into the air that we breathe in every day. There is something to be said about living in the outskirts or near the ocean. For this reason, there are many companies out there manufacturing and producing electronics and technology to help us monitor and teach us how clean the air that we breathe. Let’s have a look at some of these latest Gadgets.

Eve Room

This sweet little device tests the air in your home for not just CO2 but for a ton of other things such as ketones, hydrocarbons, alcohol and more. This mini information grabber will display your current air quality as well as past, so you can monitor the history of your air quality and hopefully improve it by making a few changes. The Eva features a display that is multicolored and has 5 categories ranging from Poor to Excellent and measured by ppm so that you can see exactly where you are and how much it would take to increase the air quality in your home. What better way to know exactly what it is you are breathing in on a day to day bases and what you can do to change it if need be.


The Foobot has to be one of the coolest devices I have come across. It is slightly bigger than the average cell phone and will scan 24/7. Actually, this device connects to your cell phone and will give you tips on how you can freshen the air in your home. The thresholds that Foobot uses are created by the World Health Organization so you know that it will keep the standards of air quality high. This fantastic gadget will be able to tell you instantly if the air you are breathing is fresh or polluted thus giving you a way to improve that air quality by either removing the toxins or maybe as little as adding moisture to the air.

Coway Mighty Tower Air Purifier

Not only is this air purifier sleek in its design, but it has a Smart mode and Eco Mode to match your requirements. This tower can cover up to 361 square feet and uses a multi-stage filtration system that uses a HEPA filter. The design is compact and modern with the option of white or black in color. Another great fact about this purifier is that it has a 99.97% efficiency rating. So, if you’re looking for the perfect filtration system to remove odors and clear your air of toxins and pollutants then look no further than the Coway.

Dehumidifiers vs Humidifiers

There are a ton of different dehumidifiers out there, all them doing relatively the same thing; removing the moisture from the air, thus, preventing the buildup of mildew and mold. Dehumidifiers are an absolute must for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. However, there also comes the fact of having too dry of air in your home which can have the opposite effect. Ever wake up with an extremely dry mouth, or maybe you have chronic nosebleeds? This can be a result of your home air being too dry. This is when you need a Humidifier, you can read some great reviews here. You can opt for two different types of Humidifiers: warm and cold. The warm mist option is much cleaner and easier to maintain but also helps to purify the water you fill the humidifier with as it uses a heat and steam process whereas the cool mist ones are just that. Cold water misted into the air by a fan and wick system. Both are relatively easy to clean however the warm mist humidifier requires much less effort.


Technology these days is so far advanced that we really have endless options to how we can improve our quality of life, including the air that we breathe. Don’t be naïve in thinking that your home air quality is more than sufficient unless you have had it tested. Always strive to increase that quality. The air we breathe is so important to our health and can have a significant impact. So, whether you’re looking to make small changes to your health or a massive change, there are options available to suit your wants and needs from the simplest little Eva Room tech to a humidifier that will increase the moisture content in your home during the cold season.

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