Portable power generatorAt the time of this writing, 50 million people are without power in South America. This resulted from a major power outage that hit the whole of Argentina and Uruguay. Many areas of Chile, Paraguay, and Southern Brazil also got hit by the blackout.

North America has had its fair share of massive power outages too. For instance, there’s the 2003 blackout that affected 50 million folks in the Northeast U.S. and Canada.

The thing is, power outages do more than leave us literally in the dark. They also invite criminals while also posing safety hazards.

That’s why a full house generator should be on top of your must-have home investments. With this as your back up source of power, you can avoid a lot more than a dark house.

Ready to learn the top reasons you should get a house generator ASAP? Then let’s dive right into it!

1. Major Power Outages Have Become More Frequent

In fact, between the 1980s and 2012, major power outages in the U.S. have had a tenfold increase. Moreover, from 2003 onward, the number of yearly weather-caused power outages also doubled.

Weather-related outages accounted for 80% of blackouts from 2003 to 2012. Non-weather outages, however, also increased during that time frame.

A more recent report estimated that the U.S. had 3,526 power outages in 2017. That’s a considerable increase from the 2,840 blackouts back in 2009.

What’s more, experts estimate that the threat of catastrophic power loss in the U.S. is real as it can get. That’s because only three interconnected power grids deliver energy to the entire nation. Even if only one of these goes down, it can already affect anywhere between six and 10 states.

All these are quite frightening, but we’re not here to give you a scare. We do want you to prepare though, in case a natural disaster does cause a major blackout. Whole house generators can be a real life-saver in cases of emergencies like these.

Speaking of preparedness…

2. Even the CDC Talks about Power Outages in Its Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Plan

That’s right folks. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a “Zombie Preparedness Plan”.

In it, the CDC shares tips on how to get through the first few days of when zombies start roaming the earth. Or during natural disasters, how us humans can survive before the utility lines get back up.

If the most logical folks behind the agency are preparing for such disasters, so should you. A whole home generator will immediately kick in once a power outage strikes.

With it, you can keep, say your electric fence going, you know, to keep zombies out of your yard. If not zombies, then burglars and home invaders.

3. Keep Your Home Security System Engaged

On a more realistic note, a generator will keep feeding power to your home security system in case of an outage. Remember, without power, these security technologies fail, prompting criminals to become more active. After all, they have more opportunities to burglarize, steal, and exploit.

Consider that in 2017, one property crime occurred every 4.1 seconds. If a power outage strikes, the number of such crimes are likely to skyrocket. That should be enough reason to invest in a backup power source, even if it’s only a small diesel generator for sale.

4. You Rely on a Home Water Filtration System

Studies found that from 1982 to 2015, up to 45 million people in the U.S. could’ve drunk potentially unsafe tap water. This has led to many homeowners installing water filtration systems in their homes.

The thing, many types of water filters run on electricity to do their job. If the power goes out, your home filtration system won’t be able to remove water contaminants. This puts your family at risk of water-borne illnesses like salmonella and cholera.

Don’t risk your loved ones’ safety by making them drink unfiltered water during blackouts. House generators help ensure water filters continue to deliver contaminant-free water.

5. Prevent Food Spoilage

Food that’s been out of the fridge’s cool environment for two hours or more could already be full of bacteria. In fact, bacteria double in number in as little as 20 minutes in food left in a temperature between 40 and 140 °F.

If the power goes out and it takes more than a couple of hours to restore, you’re looking at a fridge full of spoiled food. That could potentially be worth hundreds of dollars of wasted food. What’s more, if the power doesn’t go back up within a day, your family may be without anything to eat.

Prevent these from happening by having a backup power source to keep your fridge running. With a generator, you’ll still get to enjoy fresh food and avoid having to throw spoiled grub in the trash.

6. Stay Warm or Cool During Extreme Weather Conditions

Having no power when the temperature is too high or low can cause serious discomfort. After all, many heaters and air conditioning systems run on electricity. Your home can turn into a giant oven or a freezer if your HVAC system doesn’t power on.

This is even riskier for older folks who are more likely to get hypothermia or hyperthermia. They are more susceptible to the dangerous effects of temperature extremes.

Keep everyone at home comfy and safe by ensuring a generator powers your HVAC system. This is especially important if you have an older adult living with you.

7. A Family Member Relies on Electrically-Powered Medical Equipment

If a family member relies on electrical medical devices, a sudden blackout can be deadly to them. Such equipment may include nebulizers, feeding tubes, or respiratory devices. In such cases, a generator can literally be a lifesaver during power outages.

8. You Often Work at Home

Whether it’s freelance work or an at-home business, having no electricity means loss of income. It can even cost you your clients, especially if a project is due the same day a blackout occurs.

9. Keep Your Kids Calm During Bad Weather

Did you know that 85% of Americans feel some level of severe weather fear? What’s more, one in 10 people says they suffer from extreme fear of bad weather!

These are adults talking, so imagine how much worse it is for kids. The strike of lightning and the sound of thunder can be very stressful for children. Add to that roaring winds, heavy raindrops, and darkness, and it won’t be a surprise if your little ones end in tears.

You can help your kids feel a little more at ease by at least keeping the lights on with a generator. Even if you can’t control the weather, you can at least “distract” them by having the TV still running. This can then make them feel less scared and perhaps, they may even forget about the storm!

10. Keep Your Communications Devices Running

Disruption of telecommunication services often accompanies power outages. This means no electricity means having no phone, no internet, and no way of communicating. Unless a generator brings power back to your home right away.

With a backup power source, you can keep lines open, be it for keeping in touch with other family members or clients. You can prevent your mobile devices from running out of battery. You can keep checking the news for weather updates, and hopefully, they’ll bring good news.

11. A Full House Generator is More Affordable than You Think

In the U.S., house generators cost between $4,000 and $10,000 on average. Of course, the costs still depend on the size of the device, as well as your energy needs. Even if you only get a small one though, it can still power up some of your most important household systems.

Now, $4,000 is no doubt a considerable amount of money. But compared to the value of your belongings which criminals could loot, that’s a small price to pay. It’s also a small amount compared to the health risks of contaminated water or spoiled food.

And that price is nothing if a family member needs access to an electrical medical device.

12. It’s for Everyone’s Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, all the benefits of a whole house generator boil down to safety and peace of mind. In case a massive power outage occurs, it’ll keep your home powered up as you wait for utility repairs. You and your loved ones can remain in the safety of your home, sheltered from bad weather (and bad people).

Keep Your Home Lit and Dry with a Backup Generator

As you can see, there are many reasons why a full house generator is a worthy investment. It may come with a huge upfront cost, but with proper maintenance, it can last anywhere between 12 and 30 years. That means you’ll have a backup source of power every time a power outage occurs in the next one to three decades.

That said, consider investing in a backup generator ASAP! The sooner you do, the sooner you can feel less stressed and worried about a sudden blackout.

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