sick studentExams (especially final) are a severe test. And almost always stress which you must somehow cope with. Because short stress can still be endured, it is difficult to endure constant one.

There are many causes of stress. We live in the era when everything around is a real cause for concern: metro, traffic jams, crowds of people, noise. Add to all this the fear of examinations, anxiety about first love, criticism from teachers or parents, and we will have all the reasons for stress to come. However, stress can be useful.

  1. During stress, our brain works better, as the connection between neurons (nerve cells) is strengthened;
  2. Stress enhances immunity (but if stress is chronic, then the body’s defense on the contrary weakens);
  3. Stress is a kind of simulator for our psyche and emotions;
  4. Stress helps to become motivated. This is the so-called Eleustress – useful stress, in which there is no time for experience and reflexion. And all the internal resources are devoted to the elimination of the problem and the achievement of the result.

The difficulty of dealing with stress arises from the fact that it manifests itself in different ways for everyone, so everyone deals with it differently. There is no magical cure for pre-exam stress, but there are ways that make it great to help you get over it.

Hope for the best, and get ready for the best as well

You do not need to program yourself with thoughts like “what horror it will be if I don’t pass it,” “parents will be very disappointed,” “I’m so badly prepared that I’m not going to work out.” It is urgent to forget these phrases like a bad dream. And start thinking positively, because everything starts with our internal installations. If you think you can do it, it will.

Arrange extra time for better preparation

Whether you can’t cope with some pre-exam tasks, you can always ask for help. For example, if you have an essay to be completed for tomorrow but you have to prepare for another exam, turn to relevant service. All you have to do is ask the expert writer “write my essay” and start preparing for exams.

Create an exam image

To reduce the likelihood that excitement will make you forget whether it is possible to divide by zero, try to simulate the situation of the exam as accurately as possible. Step by step mentally live day X: so you go into the auditorium, sit at the desk, then open the task with the materials and so on. The more detailed your submissions on the exam, the less panic there will be on that very important day.

Write test exams

The cheapest essay writing service considers this a great workout. The Olympic champion does not immediately appear at the Olympiad and takes gold. Prior to that, he runs regional and all-country competitions. Imagine that the exam is a kind of Olympiad, and test work is the opportunity to perform at simpler competitions and gain the necessary experience.


Haven’t you seen friends for a few months? Studying 24 hours a day? Are you outside only for “to school-from school” route? The case is bad, and you need to fix it urgently! Our nervous system is not a perpetual motion machine, and the body simply needs rest. By the way, what was the last time you made a change of activity? Switch to something active: skiing, swimming, dancing, gym. This will help you gain energy. Playing a computer in four walls is not the best idea, the brain needs oxygen, and the body needs physical activity.

Be creative

Yes, it is creativity that is considered one of the most effective ways to deal with stress. No wonder many famous artists or writers have created masterpieces in those periods of life that are clearly not calm. Have long wanted to draw, write a poem, learn to sing or dance? Do not be afraid to spend a couple of hours a week in these classes. It will only benefit.

Nutrition and good sleep

Sometimes, caffeine-containing beverages during stressful periods of life will make you more productive and release stress. Also, you can take fast carbohydrates (buns, milk and white chocolate, cookies, chips, and other delights, but in moderate portions, just to satisfy your brain). Try to eat more protein and take sweets or honey and nuts if you really want it. So while studying the next summary, you can have a snack with something from these products.

Do not hold back emotions

If the situation is critical, if the child does not cope, then the parent should think about an important choice. What is the priority – high marks or the child’s health and happiness? Sometimes it is more useful to “switch” to a more benign preparation strategy: do less, but more productively.

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