best coffee in the worldIf you’re an avid fan of coffee, you will have realized that there are various kinds of coffees that are served from all over the globe. And just as there are wine connoisseurs, there are also coffee connoisseurs as well.

Every coffee tastes different based on where and how it is grown. For instance, some might have a slight chocolate taste to them, whereas others may be more acidic. This is an important aspect for one who wishes to differentiate high-quality coffee from those made with cheap ingredients and/or poor preparation methods. 

‘Cupping’ is the word used for tasting brewed coffee in order to analyze the quality of the coffee bean. If you want to give your coffee taste buds some experience by sampling coffee from around the world, then this is the post for you.

Sample Coffee Wherever You Go

Whether it’s London, France, Africa or Brazil, don’t hold back on your coffee-tasting urges, especially of the host town or country offers it to you. Also, try to find out where the coffee is sourced as well as the ask about the cup in order to refine your coffee tasting abilities. Perhaps the place from where you bought your cup from would know a thing or two about where it is imported from.

It is said that coffee only tastes best from countries where it is grown, including Costa Rica, Kenya, Brazil and other states. The coffee is then imported to other countries outside of the ones where it is grown from. Some of the coffees produced from around the world are:

  • Kenyan Coffee: is a type of coffee is juicy, sweet and bold.
  • Ethiopian Coffee: is smooth that has a balanced but busy flavor. Most tasters reported a sweet berry taste.
  • Jamaican Coffee: has a floral and earthy flavor. However, it is expensive, so make sure that you look out for discounts, deals and promotions if you want to sample this coffee.
  • Sumatran Coffee: have aromas and flavors that funky, by which we mean wild, mossy, spicy and mushroomy.
  • Cappuccino: is a milkier and frothy drink.
  • Espresso: has a powerful flavor that is often used for a quick burst of energy.
  • Mocha: is a chocolate-flavored variant of cafe latte.
  • Latte: is a type of coffee that is made from espresso and steamed milk.

Use Every One Of Your Senses

Being part of the band of coffee connoisseurs does not stop with taste alone. You have to smell the coffee, look at the coffee and then taste it properly. And when you take that first sip, don’t just swallow right there and then. Try identifying the undertones of the liquid. Also, taste different aspects and layers of the coffee.

When you take your time with this, you will notice the subtle nuances in the drink, like the taste of chocolate or berry flavors for instance. It’s easy to gulp down the coffee when its really tempting, but then you won’t a connoisseur this way.

Knowing Different Styles of Roasted Coffee

The process of roasting coffee beans is what gives coffee its unique flavor. Without it, the beverage wouldn’t have that exquisite taste that coffee enthusiasts all over love and cherish. 

If the beans get roasted more than they’re supposed to, then they will have less caffeine in them. The beans will change in taste, color and smell upon roasting. Here are the different styles of roasted coffee:

  • Lightly-Roasted Coffee: has a light brown appearance with oil at the top. Since it is the least roasted, it will have the most caffeine.
  • Medium-Roasted Coffee: is strong in flavor and has a medium brown color. Most coffee lovers say that medium roast is their favorite.
  • Dark-Roasted Coffee: is bitter in taste and they contain the least amount of caffeine out of all of them.

If you’re looking for the best grind and brew coffee maker, be sure to use it for the best tasting coffee ever!

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