travel workout appsLove traveling the world, but you don’t have enough money being a student? Each of us has been there and we managed to fulfill our dreams with almost no cost!

Maybe you said for uncounted times “I want to travel the world!”, but your credit card said a different thing. How can you see all the beauty around you without spending a fortune and making all the projects on time? Your law essays are knocking on your door, but your mind is already on vacation? Being like ‘broke no money’ should not stop you.

First things first!

Smallest details are important! ‘How to travel with no money?’ can be the quote after you create your summer vacation, but… first, you have to decide if you are seeking for a city break or a long-term travel. In the last case, you could take into consideration to use the night trains/buses to save on some money instead of giving them to accommodation. Also, a good option could be using a van in which you can put all the necessary things and make it a mini home. In this situation, you can save a lot of money, spending them only for food or gas.

And if we are talking about the van or traveling with ‘your home’ after you, give it a change to camping. In the eventuality of a long trip, you need to try, at least one night, some camping spaces. You will be amazing what incredible clean places you can find and it will be very helpful regarding your accommodation. USA, Mexico, Europe, Australia should be some amazing options for your next trip.

Enjoy nature! Try to choose the beauty of nature instead of the cities. Being young and broke could open your possibilities to those locations which are not so well known. For many, travel is a synonym for ‘discover’ so don’t be shy and let yourself out in the wonderful world! After you had decided what country/city you will visit, try to make a little research about what level of movability you have in that area. It will be a pity not to see other hidden, but still impressive buildings, cultural differences and another kind of perspectives, not only the standard tourist impression.

Another important aspect is that you should not spoil yourself in the most expensive arias. Usually, cities like London, Paris, Dubai or New York will create a hole in your pocket. But, if you want to visit those places you can stay in a cheaper city and take the train instead – for sure you will be happier being far away from the buzz of the city and enjoying smaller prices. Also, you have the chance to talk with the locals in a friendlier way – usually, those who are living in the countryside are sooo nice! You can look into staying as a guest in another people’s house – many are more than happy having an international visitor.

Be authentic!

Don’t buy standard souvenirs! You can be amazed by how much you can spend on magnets or photos. If you really want to buy something you have to know that you can also find cheap deals – try to buy something traditional – food is the best option. More than that, you can use supermarkets as your main supplier. In this way, you will have all your meals for 10 euros, instead of spending only one course this price.

To go abroad without money is a real option even on other continents. Do you know which is the favorite place for travelers? ASIA! Well, we have to admit there is some truth in there – who will refuse their special sauces or their street food markets? Not only that you must try it and it is an experience in itself, but you will find the food quite cheap. More than that, people are quite nice and they will help you chose the best meal ever!

Also, don’t forget to go and see a doctor before you leave to make all the vaccines necessary and buy a health insurance. Traveling from another continent could be dramatic for your body and that is not something with what you want to deal with.

Earn money for your trip…wait, what?

Yes, it is possible, and it is something that many are choosing in their journeys. Many will see this as something less probable, but you need to face the actual situation: on a long-term vacation, you are using all your economies, without putting aside anything. So, many young people choose to work during their stays, enough to live a few months after without any problems. In this case, they are gaining also international experience, not only from cultural and tourist view but also from the business side.

How to find these jobs? For example, in Asia people seek for those who are speaking English or French so, if this is your mother tongue or you know it on proficiency level, you will find something in no time. Being a student could be a big plus, even if you don’t think so, because you can find trough international NGOs some youth exchanges where you have a job, accommodation and some extra money for buying food.

To sum up, everything, don’t look only for 4* and ‘All inclusive’ services, sometimes discovering the world means a little more than that. Everything else, it is only a matter of research and the plus of desire in discovering the world.

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