vegan healthy new yearWhether you are trying to prepare your fitness for an activity-based trip, or you simply want to look good on the beach on your vacation, before a trip is quite often a time when people start looking towards improving their diets and upping their exercise.

If you are currently on a pre-vacation or pre-activity adventure trip diet, then here are some healthy vegan sides to your meals that can help you pack in better nutrition and feel satisfied.

Quinoa Salads

It’s a good idea to eat salads with your main dishes, as this is a good way to get a variety of healthy vitamins while also giving yourself a side that will make you feel fuller and like you are eating more with each meal. However, simply having green vegetables can get a little bit boring and also means you are missing an opportunity to add some important protein to your meal. Adding things like red quinoa can allow you to vary the textures and flavors of your salads, also adding new tastes and meaning that you don’t have to feel that you need to add the more high calorie dressings or extra toppings to make your salad delicious. Putting protein in the form of things like seeds or quinoa in your salad is especially important if you are vegan or vegetarian.

Sweet Potatoes

If you prefer something hot as a side dish, then sweet potatoes are definitely a good choice while you are trying to lose weight and make sure you get the best in terms of healthy nutrition. Sweet potatoes are lower in carbohydrate than regular potatoes, while still giving the same comforting texture. They also add some sweetness to your meal which can be something you will appreciate if you are cutting down on added sugar in general. There are lots of ways to prepare sweet potatoes, but even just baking them can give you a quick and easy side that you can enjoy.

Grilled Vegetables

As we are coming into the summer, it can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors to grill your food. There are lots of vegetables that lend themselves well to being cooked on a grill, including asparagus, tomatoes, and plenty of other things. Some people take wedges of cabbage and season them with something like garlic powder to create a delicious and easy to make side you can do on the grill and eat at a barbecue. This can also be a good way to have something other than salad as an accompaniment when you are eating outdoors.

Using cooking techniques like baking or grilling and making heavy use of upgraded salads with interesting ingredients can allow you to produce all manner of delicious and exciting side dishes while you are trying to cut down on things like oil and sugar. Trying some of these side dishes should make it not only easy but also delicious to reach your weight loss goals and be in your best shape for your trip.

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