nurse mentorThere is the belief that you should get into a particular industry because it will make you a lot of money or because you have a love for it. Probably the best example of this is the ‘starving artist.’ The majority of people who go into the art world are not going to become the next Vincent Van Gogh, but at least they can enjoy the work that they do in their careers. Yes, you can do a job that you are not thrilled about and then pick up a hobby in your spare time. Alternatively, people get into fields that they can tolerate while expanding their families, focusing on their friends, and simply forgetting about work while they are not on the clock. By contrast, the healthcare industry offers a means of melding all aspects of your life while greatly enhancing your level of personal satisfaction, no matter what it is that you like to do. Here is a detailed explanation of why this is the case.

Healthcare Professionals Can Do Anything

So, when you hear the words ‘healthcare professionals’ what do you think of? Scrubs and lab coats? Doctors using stethoscopes and nurses making notes on patient charts? While the mental images that pop into your mind can kind of be limited, the actual field itself is boundless. Some healthcare professionals don’t even deal with patients directly, as is the case with healthcare IT professionals. Anyone completing an online nursing program can find a specialty and work in an area of medicine that fits every other element of their life. Need to work hours that help you to be an involved parent? No problem, as nurses have tons of shifts that they can choose from. Nurses may also work in retirement homes, provide personal care, or travel and pick up different assignments as they so desire.

Find What You Love About the World

The moment that you get into the medical profession and you are able to help someone, you begin to find what you really love about the world around you. Things can get hectic and you will need to be a team player in this field, but after things calm down again, you will feel so accomplished. Imagine being able to help people get through major medical emergencies and find a new lease on life. You can learn what a nurse practitioner does here, but know that not everyone is skilled enough to become a nurse, doctor, EMT, or other type of medical professional that works with patients hands on. However, if you like the idea of making the world a better place, this is likely the career for you.

Eliminate the Biggest Sources of Stress in Your Life

Besides earning a living and knowing that you and your family are safe, what are the other sources of stress in your life? Do you concern yourself with medical insurance or worry that changes within the government can cause you to have less job stability? The good news is that healthcare professionals are totally and thoroughly indispensable. They get not only the best healthcare coverage available, they are more knowledgeable and often get access to preferential treatment. Knowing that you have a job that will keep your family well fed and healthy is a good way to get rid of all forms of stress in your life.

Not Allowing Your Job to Define You

In general, when we hear tales about the doctor who loves to snowboard or the nurse who enters into bodybuilding competitions, we tend to get a little excited. This is because we all have a somewhat dated set of expectations and values for healthcare professionals. Because doctors and nurses are the ones who are always telling people to eat better, wear their seatbelts, and be exceedingly cautious, it is almost as if we don’t expect them to have a life outside of practicing medicine. Those who get into healthcare are allowed to have vibrant lives as their jobs don’t define them.

If you do decide to look into the healthcare industry, know that you can do anything from study radiology to becoming a dietician. Pediatric nurses might end up working in the NICU, helping tiny, defenseless babies grow bigger and stronger by the day. A hospital administrator might help patients find a way to pay for medicines and procedures that will help them stay alive. Someone going into art therapy might aid children fighting cancer to be happier and simply feel like kids again. However, the people who work at hospitals, in clinics, and at doctor’s offices are individuals first and foremost. If you want a career that can enhance every element of your life, then healthcare might be the ticket. 

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