The most eco and budget friendly tips for fantastic Halloween costumes is to make your own. Whether you’re crafty or not, you can go as elaborate or a simple as you like.   Plus you will avoid hearing, “OMG, we’re wearing the same costume” at any spooky festivities!

Personally, I love to raid local thrift stores or hit up garage sales year round. I not only get great inspiration but we save a lot of moola by not buying pre-packaged costumes. I put together my costume by just recycling people’s discarded clothes and jazzing it up with wigs and accessories.  If you or a friend has a sewing machine, you can alter and embellish the garments for a unique disguise.

And if you really want to play it cheap and/or clever, plays on words are great.  Use a big box and decorate it to look like your favorite cereal. Cut a holes out for your head and arms, grab a plastic knife & be a cereal killer! Or cheaper yet, tease your hair & pin socks and underwear to your clothes and voila, you’re static cling!

Here are just a few costumes ideas if you’re looking to DIY it this year!:

  • Ipods or Ipads
  • Make a computer monitor to go over your head and paint your face like a bu. Voila, computer virus!
  • Get a cop hat and give out citations to people in crazy costumes – be the fashion police!
  • Toilet paper mummy
  • A present (wrap a big box in wrapping paper, cut holes for arms, legs and head) or jack in the box
  • Cardboard box robot (same as present but paint it silver and use air conditioner tubing for arms and legs)
  • Rubics cube (same as the present, but paint the colored squares on each side)
  • Duo costume – Pair of dice (same as present, just 2 boxes painted like dice)

The list is endless so put on your thinking caps and get craftin’! Happy Green Halloween!!

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