best coffee in the worldCoffee makes the world go ‘round – in some ways, literally. Coffee is one of the most important commodities on the international market, even to the point where there is an International Coffee Agreement between multiple nations. However, for many coffee lovers, there are some flavors you just cannot get out of your single brew coffee maker. Since coffee is an international crop, there are numerous places around the world known for their amazing coffee. But where are these places? Here are just a few of the coffee capitals of the world.


If you are looking for a tiny espresso with a powerful kick, Italian coffee is the best bet for you. Italians absolutely adore their coffee – so much so that there is an entire culture and “rules” around coffee drinking in this Mediterranean country. Their popular espresso is nearly always an after dinner snack, and breakfast usually starts with one of their flavorful cappuccinos. They have all sorts of combinations and coffee drinks in Italy – from the milky blended drinks at breakfast, to the strong black coffee at dinner, and the diluted espressos in between. All you really need to know, though, is that you are guaranteed to find a coffee perfect for you in Italy.


Though this country had coffee introduced much later than Italy or some other countries, they prepare their coffee in a distinctly unique fashion which gives it a strong, bold flavour perfect for an afternoon pick me up in an iced coffee. They pour hot water into a percolator over top of beautifully rich grains on top of a glass. The dark liquid, once it passes through the percolator, then combines with the sweet condensed milk within the glass. Add ice, give it a stir, and you have got the best iced coffee you have ever tasted.


Coffee is an important crop in many South American countries, but the coffee in Argentina is particularly delicious. One of their best drinks, especially popular in Buenos Aires, is the café cortado, which is approximately half rich coffee and half frothy milk. The drink is prepared carefully and leisurely, as Argentineans are not a people to be rushed in their perfection. Paired with their popular sweet croissants called medialunas, the café cortado is a staple of the Argentinean culture, and it is absolutely worth all of its popularity.


Sometimes known as the birthplace of coffee and possibly where the coffee bean originated, drinking coffee in Ethiopia is a commitment – but one which pays off with an absolutely amazing drink of coffee. There is a ceremony which involves roasting, grinding, and all of the preparation that comes with drinking a traditional cup of coffee – however, in Ethiopia, you will not find a typical coffee maker. In fact, you are the coffee maker. After the ceremony is completed and all the steps to create your perfect coffee are through, you will end up with three cups of coffee. A strong, perfect cup of the best coffee; a weaker cup; and then an even weaker cup, once the coffee grounds. Nothing in Ethiopia is wasted, especially not coffee.


If you start to Google search “Colombia”, one of the first things that pop up even before you finish typing is “Colombian coffee”, and for good reason. Colombia has the third highest production rate of coffee beans in the world, and they know exactly how to prepare the perfect cup. The mild tropical climate of the small country allows for the perfect mild coffee bean, producing a beautiful balanced flavor. They are also the only country in the world that only grows Arabica beans rather than the usual Arabica and Robusta, which means many coffee lovers consider Colombian coffee higher quality.

There are countries and places all over the world with niche coffee drinks, and these are only a few of the places you should visit if you are a coffee lover. Do a little research, and make a “coffee bucket list” to try the best coffees in the world!


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