depressionIt’s normal to feel pain and grief when someone who is close to you died. Almost everyone goes through it. It is expected that someone will feel sadness after a loss. However, when these feelings lead to hopelessness and worthlessness, it could mean that you have depression. Note that depression is different from grief. People who are grieving will fee feel depressed but not for long. People with depression after grieving will feel depressed all the time. Now, if you are going through depression because you have lost someone you love, these tips may help you overcome it.

Find support from family and friends. Find someone you are comfortable talking with. Those people who truly care about you are the people you can lean on. Talk about the death of your loved one. You may find it comforting to talk about it, and sooner you be able to accept it. Do not deny death as it can lead to isolation and may cause frustration to your support system. You can share your history with the person you’ve lost. Talk about the things that you love doing with that person. This might be painful, but venting out about it will somehow help you to close that chapter in your life. Say everything that you want to get it off your chest. Express your feeling so can find support and comfort. They may not be able to provide the advice necessary, but those being there to listen could be helpful. Others also don’t know how to help to tell them what you need.

After sharing everything, you have to accept that the person is gone. Accept that part of the story is closed. It may be difficult, but you have to move on.  Visiting the places where you used to go with that person may be helpful to you. Listen to music. Talk a walk. Eat your favorite food. Get plenty of rest. Help yourself realize that you can do this thing even without that person. Do not stop doing the things that you love. Do not distance yourself from everyone. Be with your friends and family. There are other people who still need you. Take care of each other.

Celebrate the life of the person you lost and reminisce. During funeral and memorial services, share memories you had with the person you lost with the people present during the service. You may ask the funeral director to help you put up pictures of the departed person along with their favorite flowers. Memorial services can be customized according to what you think your loved one will like. You can always find good funeral directors like Ian J Arthur Funerals that are always available to help you cope with your loss. You can make the funeral service a celebration of life. Also prepare reminders for special occasions. It may be hard to celebrate an occasion such as the birthday of the dead person or death anniversary, but it’s something you do to honor your loved one. The emotional reaction is normal, so allow yourself to experience these feelings. But you need to also mind yourself. Make sure you are with someone so you’ll not be too overwhelmed with emotions. Another thing you can do to honor the person you’ve lost is to donate to their favorite charity. Be part of the organization that is important to them. You can also put up a garden with their favorite plants. These are just ways to treasure the memories of your lost loved one.

Seek professional help. If you find it hard to cope up and if you feel that it’s just too much to bear, set an appointment with a therapist or other licensed mental health professional. They are trained to help people handle the emotional crisis associated with the death of a loved one. They can help you deal with managing your feelings. They will develop strategies that will help you improve your life and not be consumed with your loss. They can help you overcome challenges such as your depression brought by your grieving.

Everyone loses someone in their life at some point. It’s the most challenging time in any life’s events. It may be extremely painful, but you need to strive hard to care for yourself. Grieving is natural, so allow yourself to grieve. Face the feelings. It may take time to overcome those feelings but remind yourself that you have to move forward. Oftentimes, the feeling is just too overwhelming, and you may experience all difficult and challenging emotions. This may take a toll on your health. But always remember that there are healthy ways to cope with the pain. Looking for your physical and emotional needs is essential because this will help you get through such a difficult time.

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