Where to Find Vegan Food and Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain Part 2A country of many centuries of history is famous for its warm climate, beautiful seaside beaches, unique architecture, magnificent nature, original holidays, unusual cuisine and delicious wines. To reach its majesty, you need to at least visit the most beautiful places of Spain.

On the top of the rate are the main buildings as Camino de Santiago, Sagrada Familia, The Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral and The Liria Palace.

Do you want to be engaged in mysterious monuments of Spain, read this article!

  1. Camino de Santiago – on the way of St. Iago

Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage route along the roads of Spain, leading from its various corners to the city of Santiago de Compostela, to the Cathedral of St. James. Pilgrims laid routes to the holy relics of St. Iago over 700 years ago, and this pilgrim route is considered being the third in the world in holiness after the Roman and Jerusalem. After years and so many wars, the pilgrimage almost died out, but at the beginning of the two thousandth there was a boom – Paolo Coelho’s book The Magician’s Diary came out, and after a while the film “The Way” directed by Emilio Estevesa, after which walkers and believers simply flooded the Spanish roads, leading to the shrine. 

Today walking tours along the Camino de Santiago is perhaps the most famous hiking route in Europe, which has the best infrastructure. This route is good for those who love communication – pilgrims come here at any time of the year and therefore pilgrim hostels are the most open on it. Paths lead through many villages, cities, mountains and valleys. The infrastructure created for hikers and pilgrims is almost the same everywhere: in hostels for pilgrims you can spend the night for 5-12 euros, there you can prepare food and wash yourself. On the way there are lots of cafes and restaurants where a pilgrim three-course menu, including a dessert and a glass of wine, will be served for 10 euros.

2. Sagrada Familia    

In magic Barcelona there are plenty of inspirational places, but still the most unusual and strange is considered the temple of the Holy Family, or in another way, Sagrada Familia. This most beautiful building not only fascinates the appearance but also captures its rich history.

This temple was built on the project of the most famous architect Antonio Gaudi. This architect considered the magnificent church the main creation in his life. This sacred building is created in a unique, incomparable style. The construction took a whole 137 years. All three facades of the church, designed by the talented architect, are dedicated to the presence of Christ on earth, and crowns each with turrets. There are 12 of them, just like the apostles.

After Gaudi’s death, the Spaniards did not dare to continue building the temple for a long time. Not everyone could continue the case of a talented wizard. However, after a while the work still recovered. By the way, they are ongoing now. Despite its incompleteness, the church has a fantastic look. Its exterior beauty and interior decoration attracts millions of tourists from different parts of the world. Most of them come to specially admire this architectural masterpiece.

The tickets to this extraordinary place are bought every day by hundreds of thousands of tourists, because this place is fascinated by everyone. People need to spend much time in a line and in order to not waste time, it’s better to think about it earlier and buy Sagrada Familia tickets online.

3. The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Spain is the largest in Europe, surrounded by unusual, luxurious gardens. The palace has over two thousand solid rooms and various rooms for grand events. The Royal Palace is located on the picturesque riverbank. The construction of a huge palace began at the request of Philip V Bourbon and lasted 26 years.

Previously, the place of the palace was the Habsburg Castle. Here you can get acquainted with the wonderful collection of a huge number of premises, including the Throne Hall, Porch Room, the Royal Pharmacy with unique antique utensils and armory, and a stroll through the beautiful territory of the royal estate.

4. Almudena Cathedral

The Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena is the cathedral of the archdiocese of Madrid. Built in the 20th century, Almudena is a very new temple by European standards with a modern design that reflects its youth.

The bright interior of the Almudena Cathedral is based on the Gothic style, but modern and modest compared to most of the temples of Spain. “Pop Art” stained glass turned to be copies.

Despite the lack of architectural merit or historical significance, the Almudena Cathedral is worth a visit because of its uniqueness, modern beauty and enormous size: the building is 104 m long and 76 m wide, with a central dome 20 m in diameter. From the Almudena Cathedral opens the breathtaking view and when you want to know more about this amazing place, you will be able to order the excursion.

5. The Liria Palace 

Liria Palace, located near the Conde-Duque Barracks, in the area formerly known as the Quarter of the Mourners, is the residence of the once powerful House of Alba. It represents a large building, built in the XVIII century. and famous for its invaluable collection of works of art and archival data. In addition, it belongs to the largest private houses in Madrid with 200 rooms per 3,500 m2. His gardens are the only ones that are marked on the city map among private properties. During its opening, Liria Palace was recognized as the best aristocratic mansion, second only to the Royal Palace. In recent years, after reconstructions, a temporary exhibition of his greatest treasures and a book revealing little-known facts and updated information on many of his works of art, the Liria Palace has regained its fame.

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