vegan sydney australia with carolyn scott-hamilton the healthy voyagerIf you are an adventure lover and love traveling, then this article is definitely for you. We have put together one of the best bike tracks in Australia which will give you a thorough tour of the area. It is one of the most adventurous bike tracks in Australia;

Cape York to Cairns Bike Trail:

The trail starts in the Cape York and ends in Cairns. During biking on this trail, you will see some mesmerizing sites and witness unspeakable beauty. You will have a lifetime experience on this trail. But for your convenience, we suggest that you should keep a fanny bag to keep your essentials like cash, credit cards, and cell phone secure. In case you lose it during the trip, you can always track it back using any tracker app installed on your phone. These apps help in locating your phone by the GPS location. For the latest reviews just visit flexispy review. You will see some amazing tropical rainforests, hot dusty plains, and savannah country on this eight-day long tour.

Day 1:

After making sure that your bikes are ready to go, you will leave for Cape York from where the trail starts.

Day 2:

On the second day, you will travel along the tip of Cape York.

Day 3:

On this day, you will leave Cape York and travel along the very beautiful and scenic Telegraph Track. Here you will see sandstone creeks and experience fun, riding on the sandy trails. On this trail, you will cross the Jardine River. If you want to beat the heat you can enjoy a swim at the Fruit Bats falls en route Moreton Telegraph Station.

Day 4:

On the fourth day, you will travel from Moreton Telegraph Station on the French Track along the Archer River. You will pass through the developmental road and the rest of the time you will spend traveling along the beautiful Archer River. If you can manage the time you should visit the Lockhart River community which is a further 69km away from the developmental road. This route is a must-see because of its beautiful white sandy heathland and remains of the Iron Range.

Day 5:

On this day you will expect to travel out of the Musgrave Station to head forward towards the east coast of the Cape York Peninsula. This is quite a rough track on which you will encounter tight sandy tracks instead of the road.

Day 6:

After leaving the Musgrave station and riding towards the east coast of Cape York. You will enter the tropical Cook Town. Here you can visit the lighthouse on the Grassy Hill overlooking the Endeavour River. This journey to the lighthouse is full of all the thrilling twists and turns that you would have enjoyed on this Great Dividing Range. On the way out you can see and explore old homesteads.

Day 7:

On your last day, you will ride through the famous and notorious Creb Track, on your way to Cairns. The Creb track is a very steep and rough track which links Daintree to Wujal.  On this track, you will pass through many creek crossings and steep mountainous slopes.

Day 8:

On this day you will reach Cairns; the final destination of your track. There are so many fun things to do in Cairns. You should definitely try the Skyrail Rainforest Cableways; it is a Gondola ride over the beautiful and lush green rainforest. 

We hope that you will enjoy this bike trail in Cape York Australia.      

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