Once a difficult relationship is over, you may think that you’re never going to date again. A toxic breakup can impact your confidence, your trust in others and your willingness to put yourself out there once again.

Whether you choose to sign up for a California dating site or go on a blind date, you’ll have to make sure that you’re ready to move forward and find love. Accomplishing the goal depends on several essentials.

Take Good Care of Your Health

Bad breakups impact you negatively in a number of ways – emotionally, psychologically and even physiologically. Yes, breaking up with someone can take a toll on your health.

It’s very important to heal yourself properly before moving on to dating someone else.

To heal, you have to acknowledge your feelings and the other negative consequences of ending a relationship. Understand what your body is trying to tell you and treat it in the best possible way. You may need to start doing yoga and meditation. You may need to see a therapist. There isn’t a right or a wrong solution here. Listen to your body and your mind. If you’re open to recognizing the pain and discomfort, you’ll get to treat those in the most adequate way.

Wait Until You’re Comfortable Enough to Start Dating

There are no rules in terms of getting out there once again and starting to date somebody else.

Some people will push themselves really hard after a breakup. They’ll immediately go on dates or enter a rebound relationship. While some people may feel better this way, being very fast to move on is actually detrimental.

If you start dating immediately, you will not have the right mindset.

You’re not going to be pursuing long-term happiness and a strong connection to another person. Rather, you’ll be attempting to get back on your ex and you’ll be running away from the loneliness that you feel.

Starting to date way too early will lead to the demise of a relationship that would have had potential in another instance. Hence, you shouldn’t rush things. Slow it down, take care of yourself and even go through a grieving process. When the pain subsides and you start feeling curious about being out there, you’ll know that the time has come to enjoy romantic encounters again.

Own Up to the Role You Played in the Breakup

A failed relationship is a learning opportunity. Try to understand the lesson in order to move on to a more successful relationship in the future.

In the beginning, you’ll feel angry and bitter. Chances are that you’ll put the blame on your ex without recognizing the role you played in the relationship.

As the cliché goes, however, it takes two to tango. You are also responsible for the end of the relationship. When you recognize your contribution to the demise of the love you had, you can draw a valid conclusion and avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Stop Comparing Dates to Your Ex

You will know that it’s too early to start dating again if you’re constantly comparing the people you’re meeting to your ex.

Understand one thing – you cannot recreate the relationship that you had and you lost.

Rather, you should be open to new opportunities and a love that will be completely different from what you used to have.

Obsessive thoughts, exaggerated memories and cravings are very common for the early phases of healing after a breakup. This is the time you should dedicate to yourself. Otherwise, you’ll see your ex in many things that a current date says and does.

New people in your life will have their strengths and their weaknesses. If you’re willing to embrace those, you’ll be on the path to enjoying relationship happiness once again.

Take It Slow

This is especially true for those getting out of a long-term relationship and the people who were immensely emotionally involved.

You don’t have to rush and jump into the relationship bandwagon immediately. Dating can be a slow exploratory process that’s fun. Don’t expect a specific outcome. Enjoy flirting, communication and getting to know someone new. As the two of you become more comfortable with each other, things will progress in a natural way.

The final lesson to learn here is that no rules exist when it comes to dating and relationships after a hard breakup. Some people will need therapy to recover from the trauma. Some will focus on self-improvement while others will begin dating immediately.

There’s no universal formula about the amount of time to wait or the specific person to begin dating when you feel ready. Just do what feels right. It’s ok to call things off if you’re not happy with your current decision. It’s ok to slow down or take some time for yourself. Healing comes in many forms and shapes. Go through it before considering yourself 100 percent ready for a brand new love.

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