hot shower benefitsA shower isn’t just a shower. So, there is a big difference between a hot shower and a cold shower. It has been proven again and again that hot showers can have substantial benefits to your health. In fact, here are some compelling reasons why you should take hot showers.

1. Lowers Stress
Having a bad day? A hot shower might solve that problem. That is why a hot relaxing shower is such a good idea after a long stressful day at work. It makes the body and the mind more relaxed. For this reason, a hot shower can reduce and even remove stress. The hot water actually improves oxytocin levels, and this in turn improves your mood and lowers stress levels.

2. Gets Rid of Bacteria
Many types of bacteria cannot stand moderate temperature increases. That is why you should take a hot shower if you suspect that you have been exposed to more than a fair load of bacteria. The shower can help kill off such germs in order to reduce the chances of infection. Taking these showers is also a good idea if you have a wound, since it helps to kill off the bacteria and promote circulation in the injured area so that the healing process takes place much faster.

3. Cure for Pain
If you have any sort of pain in your body, then a hot shower might be the solution you need. If after a bruising day of activity your body is aching and your muscles are stiff and painful, then you should try taking a shower. The showers have even been proven effective against arthritis as they can help resolve inflammation and improve circulation. Also, in case you never knew, a lot of headaches and migraines are caused by poor circulation. And these showers help improve blood circulation considerably and cure such migraines. Check out to learn about some other pain relief methods.

4. Treats High Blood Pressure
If you have high blood pressure problems, then you should invest in the best electric tankless water heater you can find. The reason – hot water has been proven to lower blood pressure. So, this is a very effective and easy solution to this serious cardiovascular issue. Letting hot water run over your body can make it more relaxed, which can lower blood pressure.

5. As an Alternative to Warming Up
Whenever you are about to start doing a serious physical workout, it is recommended that you warm up first. But if for some reason or another you are not up to the idea, you can take a hot energizing shower instead. The outcome of a hot water shower has been proven to be similar to that of doing warm up exercises.

6. Soothes you to Sleep
A hot shower is a very good natural sedative. After this kind of shower, you should find it easy to catch your 40 winks of sleep. So, if you feel like it’s time to turn in but are not sure that sleep will come easily, just step into a hot inviting shower. After a few minutes of the exposure to the hot water, you will have no problem getting sleep once you get into bed because your body will be soothed and relaxed.

7. Promotes Weight Loss and Keeps Diabetes in Check
Research tells us that taking hot showers can improve weight loss. In fact, the statistics backing this claim indicate that about 20 to 30 minutes of exposure to hot water for 6 days a week should result in the loss of about 2.5 pounds a month. They have also been shown to reduce sugar and glucose levels in the blood, which is beneficial to diabetes patients.

Taking hot showers has more benefits than you can probably imagine. Above are just the highlights. For this reason, you should make taking a hot shower part of your daily routine as you will end up enjoying several great health benefits as well. As you have seen, a hot shower can improve your immunity and prevent, manage, and cure diseases. These showers can also improve sleep, and even warm your body up before a workout.



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