Men and women alike often choose clothing in neutral tones to avoid colors that aren’t flattering on them. With so many shades and hues to choose from, the sheer number of choices available is enough to have many running the other direction when it’s time to add new items to the wardrobe. However, the right colors can leave a person looking radiant at all times.

Know the Skin Tone

People need to be aware of their skin tone when choosing clothing colors. Individuals fall into one of three colors-warm, cool, and neutral. Many people are aware of which category they fall into without consciously knowing this fact.

Others, however, have no clue what their skin tone is or why it is important. They choose what they feel is flattering and have great success when doing so. For those who don’t have this talent, learning whether their skin tone is warm, cool, or neutral is necessary.

Warm Tones

Men and women who have dark blonde to dark brown hair often have a warm skin tone with a green, yellow, or golden undertone. Individuals with an olive complexion likewise have a warm skin tone. When shopping dress boutiques near me, look for reds, amber, honey gold, orange, and golden yellow. All help to enhance the skin. Other color options include warm blues and greens, magenta, taupe, and creamy whites. However, avoid jeweled tones and icy shades, as they make the skin look sallow.

Cool Tones

Those who have light blond hair to very dark blue-black hair may have cool skin tones. However, all in this category will have blue undertones to the skin, regardless of whether it is very dark or very fair. Jewel tones look good on these individuals as does lavender. Incorporate some shocking pink or cerise into the wardrobe for variety and combine with gray tones or pristine white. Any colors in the yellow or orange family should be avoided.

Neutral Tones

Men and women with a combination of hair colors, such as those with brown hair and warm tones or individuals who have blond hair with ashy undertones will find they have a neutral skin tone. Hazel eyes are very common in these people because the eye color changes with the clothing color selected. Determining if the skin tone is warm or cool can be difficult. People who fall into this category often find neutral colors are often best. Go with light peach, jade green or soft rose while avoiding bright or vibrant colors. They tend to overwhelm the skin although taupes and off-whites remain great choices.

Choose What is Comfortable

Wear comfortable clothing. Men and women cannot simply look at their skin tone and choose any item in a color that complements the skin. If the clothing doesn’t fit or the person isn’t comfortable when wearing it, the color cannot overcome the person’s discomfort and it will show. Keep this in mind when choosing an item to wear each day.


Knowing which colors complement one’s skin tone doesn’t mean other shades must be avoided completely. Include these shades in the accessories worn with an outfit. For example, if a person with cool tones loves yellow, wear a scarf, a skirt, or a pair of shoes in that shade. Doing so allows the individual to enhance his or her skin tone without sacrificing personal taste or style.

Determine your skin tone today. Men and women who do so find it easier to pick out new clothes they love and enjoy wearing. When the right shade is selected, the person looks and feels better and it shows in everything they do. 

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