road tripsWhen temperatures on land go high, and you got a week off or free weekends, its best to hop into a car and drive into the horizon to the west coast of America. There are many beautiful places to camp and enjoy a refreshing breeze from Alaska to Mexico in the summer.

Before getting started on a coastal road trip, especially with a group of friends, it’s important to prepare thoroughly. In addition to making sure to pack the necessary personal belongings, travelers need to make sure the vehicle is roadworthy. Check oil, tires, and brakes before departure.

One way to reduce the chances of an accident occurring during the road trip is to safeguard against drunk driving. While it seems like a group of friends on a road trip will always have one person acting as a designated driver, the realities of life and frequency of foolish decision making means further measures ought to be taken. We suggest stopping at a Low Cost Interlock location to install an ignition interlock device before leaving town. This helps to prevent an intoxicated person from operating a moving motor vehicle.

Now onto the fun part. Below are best routes and roads to cover:

  • Los Angeles to Joshua Tree

It includes a distance of 133 miles, which is about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Have your first stop at Cabazon to familiarize with the dry heat while cooling down for a while. At lunch break, stop at Pioneer town to have a tasty meal before kicking off your trip to a desolate landscape and a viewpoint at Joshua Tree for refueling. Other enjoyable sites include a national park and Palm Spring.

  • Portland to Redwood National Park

The road is 320 miles and takes about 5 hours and 15 minutes. Have your adventure from Portland, just 40 miles away from the coastline, at Redwood National Park. Red National Park has a fantastic view of tallest trees on earth. Visit the Jedediah Smith Campground where the oldest Redwood grove still exists.

  • Seattle to Alaska

It is the longest but most enjoyable of 1119 miles driving for 26 hours. The first Starbucks adjacent to Pike Place Market gives you the best snack to enjoy. After a three hour drive, it’s Vancouver Canada, you find the luxurious Fairmont Pacific Rim and Loden hotel where you can spend your night enjoying the cool breeze. After 18 hours’ drive, halt at Prince George. Have a rest and head to Prince Rupert for a ferry ride along Alaska Marine Highway System to Ketchikan of the Pacific Northwest.

  • San Diego To Ensenada

It’s a 100 mile of one and three quarter hour drive winding through the Mexican coastline. Cross the Otar-Mesa border and drive to Route 1D heading to Ensenada. There are a lot of attractive beaches, dunes and fishing towns along the way. When at Ensenada, have a step at Estero Beach or surf near San Miguel and spend much time Oceanside. Many comfortable hotels are sitting near the sea such as Casa Natalie that is close to the sea and has a refreshing pool.

  • San Francisco To Big Sur

The road has a distance of 146 miles with a drive of two and half hours. From Bay City drive Via California State Route 1, you will see Santa Lucia Mountains as your first spot for the beauty of Big Sur. There are many restaurants and neighborhoods with a fantastic sunset from Pfeiffer Beach and a hike at Partington Cove. You can camp at Kirk Creek Campground located on a good view of the Pacific Ocean or have a retreat at Post Ranch Inn for luxurious amenities.

Final Word on Preparation

When preparing for a road trip, plan your trip with things like plotting a free route map, meals, if cooking on the way, making of reservations for accommodation purposes. When ready for the trip, check the condition of the vehicle, pack your clothing well, keep your snacks together, have a cooler for perishable foods. Lastly, prepare for emergencies with safety precautions such as gathering emergency supplies, having a spare tire, know how to do necessary repairs to the car, have extra cash or credit cards and learn much concerning road signs.


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