cleaning bicycleIf you take good care of your bicycle, it is going to take good care of you. Many bicycle enthusiasts know the importance of proper care and maintenance. So it is always a good thing to give your beloved bike a shine, by cleaning it. When it comes to cleaning your bike, the drive train is of utmost importance. This is the system comprising of gears, pedals, chain and other accessories and it plays the biggest part in propelling your bike.

Here are 4 simple ways to get your bicycle sparkling clean:

Gather everything that you need to clean your bike

Get ready for the cleaning job. You will need things like bucket, a big sponge, small hard brushes, bike washing fluid, paper cloth, degreaser and a means to clean the chain. With everything, note that this is not set in concrete and a few things can differ from one person to another, you are ready for step two.

Start with the chain

We assume you already have your device for chain cleaning. The chain is the dirtiest part of the bicycle anytime; that is why it gets to be cleaned first ahead of the other parts. You will also use your degreaser to get rid of the grime that will have built up over time, due to dust coming into contact with the lubricant. Even if you do not have a chain-cleaning tool, just use an aerosol degreaser and a brush. Spray it on the chain while you brush up.

Clean the disc brakes

This only applies to people whose bikes have disc brakes. You will find that these attract a lot of grime and grease over time. Thus, you want to wipe them clean with your paper towels. Spray the towels with a degreaser as that will help you do a fast job of getting the grime out, Be careful also so that you do not injure your fingers on the disc brakes. Better yet, wear your cleaning gloves.

Cleaning the bike, polishing and storage

We will describe this process in five steps:

1. You should now wet the entire bike, minus the seat with a spray hose and if you do not have that, you can just use your sponge. When the bike is still wet, spray it with the store-bought washer and let it stay for some time to loosen all the dirt.

2. After letting it settle, now take your soft-bristled cleaning brush and brush the bike down. Do not worry, if you have the right brush, it will be perfectly safe for your bike. Brush any area that is muddled with dirt, including the brakes and the gears.

3. Use clean water to rinse the bike thoroughly, paying special attention to the areas where grime mostly accumulates. If you see some stains, brush that area again.

4. Dry the bike. You can do that using your leather chamois or a clean natural fiber towel. You can then spray some bike polish, could be silicone or otherwise. After spraying, buff the bike with clean paper towels to remove any excess spray so that it does not attract dirt.

5. Finally, just lubricate the chain, thoroughly but not excessively. Now, your bike is ready for storage until the next time that you are ready to take it out again.


You can make a bicycle look like new for a long period of time if you take proper care of it and continuously update different parts. If you are willing to have multiple bikes, you can choose to buy a new one. If you a woman, you can choose from best bicycle women’s. On the other hand, you can have one of these best comfort bikes for men for your male counterparts. No matter how many bicycle you and your family own, make sure you clean the bikes properly on a regular basis.

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