vegan cheshireWhen spending a few days in Cheshire after taking time off work or even for a wedding event, you want to get just the right spot. Eating out either for lunch or dinner while entertaining local friends or spending a pleasant evening with your significant other, getting the right place is very important. Not only for the food – we’re partial to vegan cuisine ourselves – but to combine other local activities nearby too.

Accordingly, here are four places with interesting locations and great restaurants in Cheshire. 

Chai Station – Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

The Chai Station in Brook Street, Chester is a popular place. It’s well reviewed on TripAdvisor garnering a high rating from personal reviewers.

While the restaurant is stated as vegetarian, they also have both vegan and gluten-free options too. With Indian cuisine, there are some dishes which include cheese or cream, but also plenty that have a tomato base for the sauce or potato and herb side dishes, which will suit vegans. With plain nan bread, just make sure no butter is added.

It’s worth noting that at the time of writing, they don’t appear to be licensed to serve alcohol, but they do have a Bring Your Own Bottle arrangement which is nonetheless convenient. Popping into the local off-licence before heading to the Chai solves that problem easily for the people aren’t the designated driver.

Burger Shed – Burger Joint

The Burger Shed in Bridge Street, Chester has been developed by the team that brought you Urbano 32 and Ring O’ Bells restaurants in Cheshire. 

This dedicated upmarket burger establishment includes a fish burger (just skip the cheese layer) and two vegetarian-oriented burgers. The first is a vegetarian one with a chickpea patty, plenty of veggies and a layer of cheese (again, just ask to skip it). The other is a proper vegan burger complete with vegan bun and a patty made from pinto beans and mushrooms.

There’s also a maple vegan hotdog if you don’t fancy a burger. Also, there are shakes, fruit drinks and alcohol available too.

Adlington Hall – Groups and Weddings

The Adlington Hall in Cheshire provides a fully catered experience for the bride and groom, or assorted guests coming together for a celebration or a party. Specialised caterers offer plenty of dining options depending on the occasion. These include vegan dishes to suit every palette.

The extended gardens and grounds at Adlington Hall are one of the coveted Cheshire’s Gardens of Distinction featured on the website while their buildings on the property qualify as one of the Historical Houses in the region too.

Zizzi – Vegan Pizza

The Zizzi restaurant is in Ellesmere Port at the Coliseum Leisure Park, so there’s plenty to see and do before or after enjoying a meal there.

Whilst this Italian pizzeria has many meat-based dishes, they also have a summer special right now. It’s a vegan rustica quattro no-maggi which uses four different vegan cheeses along with basil and sun blushed tomatoes to give the pizza an original flavour. There are also some breads or mixed olives for a starter, which are vegan-friendly too. Also, if you have guests who are carnivores, there’s plenty for them to feast on without feeling left out!

Whether wandering around Chester and visiting the Coliseum Leisure Park, it’s easy to mix some shopping or sightseeing in with great dining experiences. Just plan and book early to avoid disappointment.

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