heal app doctorSome of us are just naturally driven to help others, and this manifests in many different forms. Some people become firefighters; others become doctors, some become school teachers, and so on.

But what if you’re a holistic health enthusiast who has had tremendous success in improving your own life through holistic health practices, and you want to do whatever you can in order to help others experience those same benefits? What if your dream is showing the world a better way of doing things that doesn’t involve falling into the grip of chronic disease, and then scrambling to find the right medications to help combat that disease?

Here are some tips for things you should consider doing if you want to help other people through holistic health.

Get a qualification

Anecdotes and personal experiences certainly have their place, but to ensure that you’ve got a wide breadth of knowledge, and are able to address issues from numerous different perspectives, it’s often a great idea to pursue formal qualifications in your chosen area.

Health care administration programs online, for example, can help you to get a sense of how to manage health care facilities and institutions, in advance of setting up your own personal practice or business, while more hands-on qualifications such as nursing can help to give you a good sense of what it means to work with patients who are having a difficult time.

Even the more complementary aspects of the healing arts typically involve qualifying boards, exams, and so on. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, for example, have to go through years of intensive training in order to become licensed for their art.

Set up a blog or other public resource for the purpose of helping, rather than building a brand

People respond most positively to those who seem to genuinely care about them, and who are making an effort to be helpful and authentic. One of the best ways of beginning to make a positive impact on the health of others, is to set up a blog, or other public resource, for the purpose of sharing information.

There’s nothing wrong with monetising your blog, and trying to make a living from your advice. But never let “building a brand” become your priority. People will notice that you’re overly focused on marketing gimmicks, and those gimmicks will, in turn, likely diminish the quality of your work.

Commit to continual investigation and learning, and stay humble

It can be all too easy to become a rigid and arrogant absolutist once you’ve found a system or approach that works very well for you, personally. But you should understand that there’s a virtually limitless amount of information and wisdom out there, and different people may benefit from different things, at different stages in their life.

Try to stay humble, and commit to continual investigation and learning. Always be on the lookout for a new and meaningful insight on holistic healing, and never become rigid and dogmatic, to the point where you convince yourself beyond the shadow of a doubt that you’ve got all the answers, and everyone who does anything different is confused.

Read books, take courses online, see what ancient tradition has had to say, and read the latest scientific studies.

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