london staycationRoll back the clock a few years and the term “staycation” wasn’t even invented. Now, it’s all the rage.

The UK has well and truly done a circle when it comes to its vacation preferences. Sure, back when flights were expensive, everyone settled on the staycation (back then, it was just classed as a vacation). Then, following the emergence of budget airlines, things changed. A lot of seaside resorts were left struggling financially, as people opted to jump on a plane and jet all over the continent.

Suffice to say, we’re now back to the staycation. They have done a full circle and through the course of today’s post we will take a look at some of the reasons why they are proving to be so popular again.

The elusive cost factor

Even though budget airlines were seen as an inexpensive way to travel, in reality traveling abroad is still a costly affair. Particularly with most UK resorts offering spa packages and other attractions, for a similar cost than the foreign alternatives, the numbers start to make sense.

Scheduling annual leave

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are based, most people seem to complain that they don’t receive enough annual leave. When you are attempting to tie your annual leave up with restrictive flights, things start to become a little more challenging. A staycation meanwhile allows you complete flexibility; you can depart at the crack of dawn and return in the late hours – just so you make the most of those elusive vacation days.

It can just come down to pets

Next, it might just be about your furry friends. As strange as it might sound, some people refuse to jump on a plane for the simple reason that they cannot accompany their pets.

This might be for an emotional reason, or for the plain fact that pet boarding costs can be extortionate.

Suffice to say, the UK has adapted a lot in this regarded over the years. Most hotels are pet friendly, even if it might cost you a surcharge for the privilege.

The lack of jet lag

Admittedly, this usually wasn’t a problem in relation to budget airlines, but for anything else the jet lag was an issue. It also links in again with the annual leave point that was made; there will be plenty of occasions where a long-haul flight results in an extra day of recuperation. It goes without saying that this just doesn’t occur with the typical staycation.

It’s completely family friendly

We all know about budget airlines and the baggage “allowances”. In short, they barely exist.

For those traveling as a group of friends or a couple, you can just about manage. For a family, particularly if young children are involved, things get tricky. Packing economically becomes a necessity, yet impossible when you need bottles, toys and all of the other accessories that travel with your children. Of course, you could stump up the cost to take more baggage, but that then brings us back to the cost-factor.

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