london staycationThe United Kingdom; one thinks of the Queen, the architecture, the very famous British accents, and well London. It’s beauty, red phone booths, plays that people have heard about over the seven seas. Plenty of movies and books have centred on this geographical legend of sorts.

The UK is a marvellous wonder on its own. If you are travelling for the first time make sure you have all your travel documents in order. The passport is up to date if you have a passport that requires a visa; all this has been sorted beforehand.

Plan ahead it will save you time. Don’t try and cram everything in your trip. It’s a holiday space it out do not fret over it. First-time travellers would need at least 4 – 5 days for London alone. As London is a city with so much heritage and small pubs and coffee shops just waiting to be discovered? It takes a while to get acquainted with the public transport system. Nowadays it’s a lot easier as one can just download the accurate apps and get around, and if public transport isn’t for you. You can always Uber or black cab all around London.

London has the Buckingham Palace, the London eye, infinite eating out options, museums, Soho, Westminster Abbey and the long list is endless. So do your research, decide what appeals to you. What is of interest to you?

Things sometimes tend to take longer than expected. Unless it is the countryside, the cities are the international hub for entertainment, business and finance. So travelling around rush hour is the worst time to travel. You can’t enjoy a new place if you are always in haste.

Research in advance, what are the events happening nearby during the dates of your travel. Might be concerts, exhibitions, meet and greets, and categorise your travels accordingly.

Your trip will not be cheap, so manage your finances accordingly. Outskirts prices vary, but you don’t want to end up not having enough money to cover your expenses. While travelling you might also need to sort out foreign currency, and a trick to that is you will never find a great rate at places that are swamped with tourists; most of London truthfully. So do your currency conversion research beforehand, so you don’t make a mistake that you might regret.

As you are travelling abroad, it is also advisable to inform your bank you will be travelling, so they don’t bar your card or finances while you are abroad. As usually, banks tend to block any suspicious activity, as fraud is a primary concern for banks all around. Make sure you are carrying local cash though because you might find yourself in a predicament where you can find a bank or an ATM.

If you live alone, you also need to make sure your home is looked after while you are on your travels. If you have family nearby, or neighbours you trust; they can always come by once every few days and water the plants, check mail etc. Whatever you are comfortable with. If you have any pets, you need to make alternative arrangements for them. And if nothing one can always install scheduled lighting; they basically give an illusion that someone is at home.

Make sure to pack rain boots and an umbrella. Britain’s weather is quite unpredictable; it can be quite sunny in the morning and rainstorm in the afternoon. It technically rains 1/3rd time of the year. Meaning if you end up for a long weekend to the United Kingdom, you will inevitably run into a drenched weekend. So bring waterproof shoes and an umbrella to avoid puddles and bad hair days. If you are travelling in the summers, you probably won’t need a big coat, but it does tend to get chilly in the evenings.

When travelling for the first time, you don’t know how your body will react to the food, the climate change, the atmosphere. Experts at Click Pharmacy urge all travellers, especially first-time travellers to pack a first aid kit. With all the medications you can possibly need. It can be difficult to get enrolled in the NHS depends on the insurance you have available, and private healthcare in England is quite expensive. If you are on a prescription medication make sure you take your stock with you. Obviously, along with the prescription, you might run into some questions and answers at the airport or later on your trip. So pack for a fever, upset stomach, dry eyes, vomiting, basically any issues or problems you see yourself running into. Being in a new area already is difficult because you aren’t acquainted with anything, if you fall ill in such an instance it is difficult to manage in new environments.

Watch out for traffic, it is a right hand driving in the United Kingdom. So for safety and precautionary watch for traffic on the left side. Always look both ways to see if it’s safe, but mostly everything operates on the left-hand side.

While making travel plans, one should try and take out travel insurance beforehand. It is excellent to stay optimistic ‘hey that can’t happen to me’. But the bitter fact is anything can happen at any time. Cost for such things can really put a dent in your finances. And once you have successfully taken out travel insurance make sure you have your documents with you. So if need be, you are prepared.

You should also pack a charger adapter. You don’t want to be stranded with no battery because your plug isn’t compatible with the new country you have come to.

Don’t stress on anything. Whatever you don’t pack you can always buy at your destination. Fathom the trip and make every moment count. It is challenging to be a first time traveller. But all unusual things always happen outside your comfort zone.

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